University Vs Apprenticeship

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Cakebaby15 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:52:20

Hello. My DS has started his 2nd year of college doing a Level 3 Ext. Diploma in Business. He came home from college yesterday to say that he has to start his personal statement. Also that he has to open a UCAS account and pay £35. He said it is pointless doing it because he doesn't want to go to University. He said he wants to do an apprenticeship and he doesn't want student debt. I am worried that he is making the wrong decision. Has anyone being in the same situation and can offer some advice. Thank you.

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Propertyfaux Fri 20-Sep-19 13:04:23

My DS was the same but doing A levels, he decided to have UCAS as a back up. It was good that he did, he found that in his area (both location and subject) apprenticeships were either after cheap labour with little to offer qualifications wise or highly sought after and very competitive. Those he knows who took apprenticeships were the high end A or D (BTEC). Or they had a family/ friend connection. He is now going to university. He has little to lose by having a back up plan.

RedHelenB Sat 21-Sep-19 08:43:12

For the sake of 35 pound I'd put an application in but if he really doesn't want to go then concentrate on getting a good apprenticeship. University will still be there whenever he wants it once hes got his A levels.

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