No start date yet from college?

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PantTwizzler Wed 04-Sep-19 00:22:33

DD is heading to Oxford this term. But her college hasn't told her her start date nor details of her accommodation. She's emailed and just got an out of office. I phoned today. There was no reply. When I called the general enquiries number they told me that there was no one in the offices today because there was "a staff party". "What, all day?" I said. "Yes," they replied.

Is this normal? Dd is really stressed by it. Seems extremely strange to me.

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Ginnfizz Wed 04-Sep-19 07:48:00

Does seem oddly late, perhaps they were sent by post and have gone astray? Is your DD on any Facebook group chats for her college where she could ask if others have received freshers packs?

We’ve just sent the registration forms and deposit to the Academic Administrators for DD’s college and there was a telephone number attached so perhaps they are available? Try googling the academic administrator for your DD’s college.

Hope you get it sorted out today - it’s a stressful enough time without worrying you’ve been ‘forgotten’.

MrKlaw Wed 04-Sep-19 08:19:35

Bath only sent out registration info Monday/Tuesday this week. Accommodation info from this Friday. Timetables apparantly not until 13th Sep.

Its a bit worrying seeing all these posts about already having accommodation sorted, timetables and reading lists and drop off slots etc - but we'll still have a couple of weeks once we have everything sorted.

PantTwizzler Wed 04-Sep-19 08:21:42

Thanks both.

DD isn’t on Fb and refuses to join. She’s busy enough on other SM...

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elizzza Wed 04-Sep-19 08:26:56

Michaelmas starts on Sunday 13 October this year so she has a while yet. Oxbridge terms tend to start later than other universities so she may get information later than friends who are going elsewhere.

titchy Wed 04-Sep-19 10:42:31

Yeah she won't be going for at least four or five weeks yet!

Can she rethink FB - most places set up closed groups for each accommodation hall so freshers can get to know who they're with before they go.

Dividenrule Wed 04-Sep-19 10:53:53

Dds paperwork from her college was sent out by email on 21/8 last year - so about a week after A level results. Term starts a bit later this year - 13/8 - but even so papers should have arrived by now.

Freshers week starts on 7/10 with new students arriving on 6/7/8 depending on the college.

All first years get rooms in college so she does not need to worry about it.

There are FB groups for new starters so she can probably get info there.


PantTwizzler Wed 04-Sep-19 23:04:55

Thanks all. Now sorted.

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