Where they given accommodation they wanted?

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ifonly4 Tue 20-Aug-19 08:15:05

Still waiting on accommodation offer here, the longer is it the more I think DD will get the opposite of what she requested. Still what's meant to be ...

Just wondering though, how many got one of their accommodation choices?

DD requested all catered, with two cheapest options (shared bedroom & bathroom) and then single room and shared bathroom.

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Mustbetimeforachange Tue 20-Aug-19 08:20:04

DS got his first choice, even though it was his insurance uni, but it is a uni with plenty of accommodation. Where is your DD going? I remember a friend's DS getting his 9th choice somewhere! It was grotty but cheap!
I can't imagine any of mine opting for shared accommodation, even if it was much cheaper. I was amazed that DS's newly built halls have some shared rooms. They weren't much cheaper either!

scarecrowhead Tue 20-Aug-19 08:59:50

Ds got first choice though it was also his first choice uni

pontiouspilates Tue 20-Aug-19 09:05:35

DD got first choice uni. Had applied back in April for self catered ensuite and got a premium room in catered halls with shared bathroom. She's not v happy! Interestingly two others on her course had the same thing happen to them.

BubblesBuddy Tue 20-Aug-19 09:26:19

Too many want en suite these days. Some have to compromise. There was no such thing as en suite 30 years ago! Sharing a bathroom is fine. Catered is fine! Less effort and more time to settle into the course. Most catered halls have mini kitchens. Formal catered can be good fun.

Mustbetimeforachange Tue 20-Aug-19 09:42:15

DS wanted catering for the social side but it's not possible at his insurance.

pontiouspilates Tue 20-Aug-19 10:13:04

Bubbles a lot has changed in 30 years, so I'm not sure why that's relevant. What is the point of being asked to submit your preferences for accommodation and then not allocating a single bit of it according to that application. It's not formal catering, it's a prepaid card to use at restaurants on the campus. She will be fine, but it's not ideal.


Bronzegate Tue 20-Aug-19 10:21:48

DS went to his firm choice university.
He didn't get any of the six halls he had listed on the preference form, but the room he got was the same type of room he had applied for, in the same price range.

Gettingthroughtheweek Tue 20-Aug-19 10:43:03

DS got one of his options even though it’s his insurance (Edinburgh). Selection had been a bit random but it looks fine; it was his only ensuite choice, but I allowed it because it was relatively cheap; it’s a 30 min walk from campus though.

bengalcat Tue 20-Aug-19 11:33:52

Not been allocated yet - she knows which college . Wants shared bathroom and SC .

ArtieFufkinPolymerRecords Tue 20-Aug-19 11:49:35

Catered is fine! Less effort and more time to settle into the course. Most catered halls have mini kitchens. Formal catered can be good fun.

Not if you end up paying an extra £2000 more than you wanted to for accommodation.

ifonly4 Tue 20-Aug-19 11:52:10

Mustbetimeforachange, shared isnt ideal but she wants to continue music lessons in one of her instruments and in Edinburgh it'll be £35 per lesson. In all fairness she's trying to cut down on costs so she can have other things.

Gettingthroughtheweek DD going to Edinburgh as well and insurance. When did he get allocated?

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Gettingthroughtheweek Tue 20-Aug-19 12:03:22

@ifonly He got allocated late Friday, I think because he inadvertently chose an unpopular hall (Shrubhill).

mummymeister Tue 20-Aug-19 12:56:55

The thing to bear in mind is that the first years accommodation is literally only about 6 months (once you take out Christmas, Easter and summer hols) even if its not exactly what you want its bearable and its the next 2 or 3 years out of halls thats important to sort. Mine have all got their first or second choices and around christmas started working on 2nd year houses. really, if they havent got their first choice, dont stress about it.

CointreauVersial Tue 20-Aug-19 14:02:46

DD1 got into her Insurance choice, and has been offered her first choice of accommodation. She applied back in July. I think if she'd gone through Clearing it would have been rather different.

She insisted on ensuite, but I insisted she went for the one 10 minutes walk from campus, because it was hugely cheaper. The walk will do her good....wink

ifonly4 Tue 20-Aug-19 14:56:32

Gettingthroughtheweek, I've heard of Shrubhill before, but because it's popular. Maybe mixed reviews as it's a bit further out.

DD put all her five choices down at Pollock Hall, so wondering if that's the delay as they're waiting to see who takes them up. In reality I don't think she minds as long as it's in a safe area and no more money than the ones she's chosen.

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DOLLYDAYDREAMER Tue 20-Aug-19 21:09:14

Dd has her first choice Uni and first choice room - but oldest Dd didnt get her chosen halls a reasonable priced one - offered her the dearest one so she told them she would not have any money left to live on - they apologised and found her one in the cheapest price group - basic and dated but in nicest part of the city and made great friends

RedHelenB Tue 20-Aug-19 22:24:39

This was dd2s firm and she didnt get offered any if the choice ms she put down. Hence today's trip to source sone cheaper private accommodation right in the heart of it all

LizziesTwin Tue 20-Aug-19 22:29:15

DD firmed Ed & got it. She has accommodation in Ewing, shared bathroom catered. She wanted catered & is used to sharing a bathroom at home so reckons she’ll be fine.

Witchend Tue 20-Aug-19 23:02:57

She's got the college she wanted, and I get the impression the accommodation is fairly standard. It's all in flats of 6 people with en suites self catered.

Serin Tue 20-Aug-19 23:23:32

Yes, self catered, en suite.
8 in a flat.
DS has just found out the other 7 are all female.

ifonly4 Wed 21-Aug-19 10:39:55

LizziesTwin when did your DD get her accommodation offer. DD going to Edinburgh and still haven't heard.

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