Anyone any experience of Manchester uni Fallowfield student accommodation?

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fatbottomgirl67 Sun 18-Aug-19 17:00:46

Dd2 moving onto Fallowfield in a few weeks. We are struggling to find out why is in the accommodation. Will she need a duvet, pillows , lamp? Just trying to sort a shopping list asap

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RebeccaCloud9 Sun 18-Aug-19 17:02:48

Isn't Fallowfield the whole area? So it'll have loads of different types of accommodation all with different set ups.

fatbottomgirl67 Sun 18-Aug-19 17:09:33

Are all the halls different?

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Teachermaths Sun 18-Aug-19 17:16:00

You need to find out the name of the actual halls she is in. Fallowfield is a whole area of Manchester. They have knocked down a lot of the older halls there but you should be able to find information online when you know which halls she is in.

WorriedMutha Sun 18-Aug-19 17:21:57

My daughter paid her deposit for Fallowfield accommodation and there was a link in the email to a 20 page document with information in it. She definitely needs bedding although it says there is a mattress cover. It doesn't mention kitchen equipment but I'm working on the assumption they need basic utensils. Have a look at the links in the email when you book up. There are laundry facilities which you pay for.

fatbottomgirl67 Sun 18-Aug-19 17:23:56

Thank you will get her on it

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WorriedMutha Sun 18-Aug-19 17:24:15

And yes all the halls are different so you need to have a bit of a browse in the accommodation section. We chose cheap so not expecting much.


fatbottomgirl67 Sun 18-Aug-19 18:36:56

When Dd1 started uni we bought stuff that was already there so, duvet, pillows etc just trying not to make same mistake twice

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