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University as a single mum

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ConfusedKoala Wed 14-Aug-19 16:30:50

I’m a single mum of 2, I’m about to move from a rural area to a city and my highest qualification is GCSEs.

Is it possible to go to university to further my career prospects? Is there childcare options for students? (only one child is school age, the toddler is special needs)

I’m wondering if anyone has any first hand experience? I tried online learning and it really wasn’t for me

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ChickenTikkaTellMeWhatsWrong Thu 15-Aug-19 08:59:24

Hi, I'm a single mum to 2 boys and I'm going to university in September. I have been given a maintenance loan and a parents allowance grant and one of my children is still a toddler so I have received a childcare grant for nursery.
My highest qualification were also GCSE's; however, I did an access course at college, which has given me the points I needed and I got my university place confirmed this morning.
You can do it!!! Good luck

Darbs76 Tue 27-Aug-19 19:39:52

Its 20yrs next year since I graduated so I can’t comment on the childcare aspect but I went to Uni as a single mum, commuted an hour each way, and had a part time job too (helpful parents). It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but 20yrs on I’m still SO proud that I did it. I had my son at 16 and everyone tried to tell me I’d ruined my life. They were wrong. After Uni me and Ds1 moved 250 Miles to London for me to take up employment. DS1 is 25 now; a graduate himself and I’ll be looking at Uni’s for DS2 in a year or so.

All I can say is the finer details will work themselves out. Do it! Good luck

Singleandproud Tue 27-Aug-19 19:48:21

I’m a single parent I’m studying with the OU, I wish I’d started when DD was younger and I had more time. My tuition fees are paid for with a student loan which doesnt need paying back until you earn £25 k a year and doesnt impact any benefits you make get as you never get the money into your account. There are other financial packages as well to help if you have a low income or need help with childcare. Year 1 starts with basics GCSE level and gets progressively harder, it is purposefully made for those who have been out of education a while. There are some free Openlearn course on the website too so you can have a taster.

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