Changing course at your Firm choice

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Runninggirl63 Sun 11-Aug-19 18:13:37

My son's Firm choice is an unconditional offer to study Marketing at Derby University.

He has noticed that there is a joint honours History and Marketing course in clearing at Derby . He did History A level and now thinks he would quite like to still study it so is tempted by the course- the entry requirements are the same other than they want you to have at least a C in A level History ( which he may or may not have achieved).

I'm getting him to think this through for a while longer as its come out of the blue - but am just thinking about how we would persue this if he did want to change.

I know track is now frozen and obviously the Uni has his results - if we ring up tomorrow to discuss what happens? Would they make him an offer ( or say yes or no) or do they say call back on Thursday when he has his results? Is it too big a change ( by adding a very different subject he had not considered at Uni before) for them to deal with at this late stage?

Having thought Clearing wasn't needed for us I'm not clued up on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Indicative Sun 11-Aug-19 18:21:26

If he has an unconditional I would definitely get HIM to call them tomorrow and ask if he can swap now.

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