What online course do I want to do?

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Frequency Fri 02-Aug-19 19:55:17

I'm currently a fulltime care worker and a part time hairdresser. I love hairdressing. I don't hate care work. In order to make enough to live comfortably as a single parent of 2 I have to work fifty hours a week. I don't want to work 50 hours a week.

I need a job that pays a minimum of £1500 a month after tax. Which online course or degree do I study?

I live in an area where the only fulltime work available is in care and the NHS is our biggest employer. Moving is not an option as a) to move you need money of which I have none and b) DD needs to be around family/her support network due to mental health issues.

My interests are hairdressing, hair, make-up and fashion and creative writing. I'm not good at maths but other than that I am reasonably intelligent and academically capable. I don't need to study something I am interested in. I just want to not be poor any more.

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HennyPennyHorror Fri 02-Aug-19 23:37:50

You could look at ways to boost your earnings with your current skills.

Get a great website and do wedding hair...take a course in social media marketing and push yourself onto the audience who are already out there looking.

You could do a course in nails as well...you will find you can charge more for wedding hair and nails....you could network with photographers and get a stand at wedding fairs.

You'll need excellent photos of wedding hair you have done...if you haven't, then do some for free...use your Facebook page (make a special one for your wedding hair) to make a promo where models can try out some styles for free.

What you get is the opportunity to try styles on someone, the pics to show off and also lots of likes and shares.

They get a nice hairdo...might be good at prom time.

Frequency Sat 03-Aug-19 18:50:24

Thanks for your reply. I don't really have time to do anything else on top of my current schedule. I've already applied to do nails in September and am a qualified MUA. I can't afford to lower my hours to build a business and I work weekends and evenings when my skills would be most needed (and week days, and week nights etc)

What I need is an online course that will enable me to apply for jobs that aren't impossible to find and pay £1500 pm after tax.

I would love to work in hairdressing fulltime and would earn more doing that but full time salon jobs are as rare as hens teeth unless you rent a chair and self-employment is not option. I've been there, done that and got royally fucked by the tax credits system which doesn't play well with self-employment. It's not something I'm willing to risk again while I've got kids relying on me. Maybe down the line when they've left home.

I'm tempted to just apply for creative writing degree as I enjoy writing but wondering if Business Management or Health Science or Psychology would serve me better in terms of finding paid work.

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