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oneteen Sun 14-Jul-19 10:35:41

One step in the right directions :

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ErrolTheDragon Mon 15-Jul-19 09:01:02

It's a good idea, but choosing Worcester as the pilot doesn't sound ideal ... why not Warwick or Birmingham or Aston?

oneteen Mon 15-Jul-19 09:38:58

Sounds like it was iniated by Worcester.... but yes agree would have been good to see Bham or even the likes of Exeter or York taking the initiative.

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ErrolTheDragon Mon 15-Jul-19 09:59:20

I'm guessing Worcester is currently largely a 'local university' which would like to attract applicants from a broader area - though the voucher is only valid for a couple of rail companies.

RedHelenB Tue 16-Jul-19 07:57:23

Sheffield and Durham at least offer full travel reimbursement for their open days if you are lower earning or in care etc

Serin Wed 17-Jul-19 18:20:20

Stirling offered us free overnight a accommodation as we were travelling from Eñgland.

Piggywaspushed Wed 17-Jul-19 20:18:56

I had travel expenses for Aberystwyth and Hull (not means tested : distance tested, but there are further reimbursements for those in financial need). And Oxford Brookes did free buses from the P and R , which was good.


Piggywaspushed Wed 17-Jul-19 20:23:51

Actually, take it back that was UEA. I meant free parking at the P and R with a special bus.

Fifthtimelucky Thu 18-Jul-19 14:18:17

I think free bus from park and ride is quite common (my children had it at Exeter and Bristol).

I agree that free travel to open days would be a good thing.

Piggywaspushed Thu 18-Jul-19 16:25:37

Yes, the bus is : wasn't very clear. I meant UEA funded the parking!

Oxford Brookes didn't, so it was a black mark. the first one I went to was UEA so I kind of expected them all to do it!

cardamoncoffee Mon 29-Jul-19 09:30:06

Where is the information regarding universities that might offer free/subsidized travel for open days?

MarchingFrogs Mon 29-Jul-19 09:47:49

Where is the information regarding universities that might offer free/subsidized travel for open days?

Check on the websites of the individual universities? It's sometimes in FAQs or 'Getting Here'. If it's not obvious, ring or email.

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