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animaginativeusername Mon 01-Jul-19 21:23:04

I haven't had an interview for over 10 years, until then I continuously worked in HR admin since leaving college after completing BTEC level 3. I have the PGCE interview tomorrow, presentation, research for essay and discussion, what I'm going to wear etc is all sorted and confident with. My worries are my speaking and interview skills. Just very nervous and don't know what to expect. Any tips or guidance would be great

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Piggywaspushed Mon 01-Jul-19 21:33:02

Wow, that's full on! Do you have any school experiences at all?

It sounds silly but make sure you know why you want to teach and practise articulating this.So many people give rubbish sounding reasons even on MN! Try to avoid cliches. Show an awareness of the challenges ahead and strategies you will have to face up to these. Brush up on subject knowledge. Have you read a spec, for example, or observed some lessons?

superram Mon 01-Jul-19 21:41:28

What subject will you be doing?

superram Mon 01-Jul-19 21:44:31

You will be fine but I would ensure you have geog or hist as your second subject.

cookiesaurus Mon 01-Jul-19 21:48:40

Where is your interview?
I did this course back in 2006-2007 (🙈🙈)!!

I'm sure it has changed since I interviewed, but I was asked how I would go about teaching a certain topic ( I can't recall which topic though sorry). The group discussion element is more to see how you interact with others as behaviours will slip out here that don't during a onegrinne interview.

They will also want to know why you want to teach. This is really important. It's a challenging climate politically and students now often feel as though they have no choice but to stay on.

I echo pp; have you got any school experience?

They might ask you to teach another subject at KS3 - I chose History.

Good luck !!

animaginativeusername Mon 01-Jul-19 21:56:29

No, no school experience. I registered interest with various schools for experience and shadowing but not had response. I have teaching experience with TESOL, lack of experience is another worry. I also wasn't expecting an interview so soon after sending off application, and was hoping to get some teaching shadowing before interview.

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animaginativeusername Mon 01-Jul-19 22:01:11

Thankyou for reminding me about the purpose in pursuing this profession, almost forgotten.

I graduate this July, completing sociology degree, until this year I didn't realise I wanted to pursue teaching and in FE/secondary. Only realised that I enjoyed helping people improve English speaking skills from TESOL volunteering, and that I wanted to pursue education. I suppose that is my objective, but needs refining ?

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animaginativeusername Mon 01-Jul-19 22:02:47

Interview is at local community college, initially I was contemplating completing at Manchester Met, but this option introduced this year

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animaginativeusername Mon 01-Jul-19 22:06:00

No subject has been specified, but will encompass humanities, psychology and sociology which was what I did Access in.

Regarding undertaking other subjects as history or geography, I have no knowledge about those.

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cookiesaurus Mon 01-Jul-19 22:44:15

It's as good a reason as any. With regards to refining - why social sciences? Why now? Why leave HR admin?

I guess from your post that you are a little bit older which might stand you in good stead re experience / resilience for teaching.

It's a great job if you find the right school/college!

I would strongly encourage you to get into a school for a few days (most schools are happy to offer shadowing) before you begin your PGCE!

Don't forget, you might also be able to do a schools direct course if you decide the PGCE isn't for you.

I'm based in the SE and it's incredibly difficult to get staff to teach social science.

Good luck 👍🏻🍀

Signifyingnothing Mon 01-Jul-19 22:55:29

I interview PGCE candidates and think that you sound thoughtful and reflective, which are key skills to have when undertaking PGCEs.

Explain that you've made contact with local schools to arrange observation and show a commitment to undertake this before September.

And, most importantly, remember that the questions will not be designed to trip you up. They're just an opportunity for you to show that you understand the challenges the course will bring you and that you've thought of strategies to help you succeed.

You have to show that you have the potential to learn to be a teacher, no one will expect you to be the finished product at all.

And don't let your maturity make you worry, it's a real positive in terms of maturity and self-awareness.

Smile! Be human and enthusiastic. You'll be great. Good luck.

animaginativeusername Mon 01-Jul-19 23:06:37

Sociology, learning about people and society has always been a special interest.

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animaginativeusername Mon 01-Jul-19 23:08:11

Thankyou for your kind words, feel better and more confident in self

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BringOnTheScience Mon 01-Jul-19 23:19:12

Best thing to do right now? Go To Bed And Get Some Sleep!

You'll be fine smile

animaginativeusername Tue 02-Jul-19 14:24:45

Interview was very intense but informal, I don't think I did as well. Will get result by this Friday. Hopefully it's good

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Piggywaspushed Tue 02-Jul-19 15:51:30

Fingers crossed !

Signifyingnothing Tue 02-Jul-19 21:09:51

Well done for getting through it! Fingers crossed for good news. Let us know!

cookiesaurus Wed 03-Jul-19 09:28:55

Fingers crossed! Either way, you've gained experience and often we hard on ourselves when reflecting on interview experiences!

animaginativeusername Wed 03-Jul-19 12:01:45

Just received email that yesterday's PGCE interview was successful. Surprised, but very happy.

Thankyou, for all your kinds worlds of support and wisdom.

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Piggywaspushed Wed 03-Jul-19 13:01:43

Well done you!

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