Health visitor training advice?!

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Rottiemum1 Sun 30-Jun-19 19:51:12

I'm a reg nurse, single mother to two children.
I am considering applying for a student health visitor post.
I know it's an interview, presentation and written essay.
Has anyone done this before or health visitor training or any other relevant knowledge that could offer some helpful hints and tips or advice .
I'm initially struggling with what to put in to my personal statement or think of opportunities to seek out to better my understanding and chances of interview!

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HebeMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 01-Jul-19 11:43:06

Just bumping this for you, OP.

Anyone else done any health visitor training who might be able to help the OP out here?

HippyChickMama Mon 01-Jul-19 20:56:02

I was a health visitor. For application and interview you need to know the Healthy Child Programme inside out. Also worth knowing about current public health priorities. I didn't have to do an assignment for my interview just a presentation and answer questions. The training is very intense, hardest year of my life because it's so condensed and if you already have a BSc you study at level 7. Which branch of nursing are you? Do you have support for when you need to work on assignments? Also, the holidays are built into the course, you can't book annual leave throughout the year so you need good child care.

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