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Any UCL students looking for a room?

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UCLmum Mon 24-Jun-19 08:17:55

Have name-changed for this but long time lurker/ occasional poster. My daughter is about to go into her 3rd year at UCL and is stressing because the third person in her houseshare will no longer be renting next year (her parents live in London so she is going home to save money!!).

I said I'd post here in case there is a lovely mumsnetter whose DC is looking for a houseshare starting August/ September. My DD is a friendly medic, organised and pretty tidy, hardworking but has a good social life (a sport she does every week and a club). Her friend is similar, though not a medic. Please PM me if you might be interested.

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UCLmum Mon 24-Jun-19 08:25:01

I should have added that DC doesn't have to be at UCL, but DD and her friend are looking in the Kentish town/ Cally Road area so it would suit a UCL student.

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