Student Finance England - time to hear back?

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PantsyMcPantsface Mon 17-Jun-19 13:21:46

Anyone got any ideas on this one? Apparently my file was due to be looked at end of last week (I'd had to query it as they'd sent me a totally random email that I wasn't eligible for anything and I'd asked for clarification as it's an allied health services course so the rules are somewhat different - and no one could figure out why the hell I'd got that email) and just wondering when I might get to know what I'm getting for next year so we can start doing budget sums a bit less hypothetically?!

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MillicentMartha Wed 19-Jun-19 23:31:49

We applied a bit late this year due to the college being crap at organising their courses so just missed the deadline. Still haven’t heard back. Normally takes a couple of weeks when applying in April.

ifonly4 Thu 20-Jun-19 07:38:15

We applied early and it took six weeks. Friends who applied at the same time heard in four days and two weeks. I don't know why we took so long, all DH working full time, all DWs working part.

PantsyMcPantsface Thu 20-Jun-19 12:58:31

Found out the reason it's taking so long after I lost the plot with them (very mildly and politely) today... they've totally mangled my account and had to recreate it and now I need to send some extra ID off apparently but then they'll totally get it sorted out... honest guv.

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