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Pennyb90 Thu 13-Jun-19 09:18:12

Hello all, new to all of this, but I'm now all signed up for OU and pretty excited but mostly nervous! I'm starting with 60 credits, but in February onto 120 until June when I go back to just the 60 (two course overlap)
Has anyone else signed up? If so how many credits and do you have other commitments?
I've got 3 kids, 6,3,1, and work 22 hours a week, must be mad! But the more I get done at once the faster I finish is my reasoning! grin

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JoMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Jun-19 16:10:43

Ah, good for you, @Pennyb90 smile

We're just giving this thread a bump for you in case there are any other OU newbies around.

Best of luck!

justalittlestitious Sat 15-Jun-19 06:29:39

I'm starting in October and I think I've got same pattern as you with the overlap, planning on 120 credits per year so I can finish the full degree in 3. My twins are about to start school and I don't currently work so theoretically I should have enough time if I push myself! Good luck. I have already found a Facebook group for one of my modules, might be worth searching yours if you want to start building a support network?

awesmum Sat 22-Jun-19 07:11:00

Hi I am just waiting to get some advice from the OU about starting in October. I previously started my degree a few years ago with the OU but due to home circumstances I had to put it aside for a while. I am picking it up again now though.
I am looking at changing direction for psychology which interests me on a personal level to an open degree studying engineering for my career.
I work 25 hours a week with 4 kids. It's going to be hard but the benefits at the end should be worth it.

Fizzywinegum Tue 22-Oct-19 14:31:01

Hi hope you don’t mind me resurrecting this thread but did any of you start Open University courses in October?

I’ve started an Arts & Humanities degree which I’m enjoying but also finding slightly daunting. My first assignment is due in a few weeks.

Would be nice to hear from some other OU students and maybe provide a bit of support to each other?

cardamoncoffee Tue 22-Oct-19 19:48:21

I loved OU! My best advice is to join the facebook/whatsapp groups, they are much more useful than the tutorials.

Fizzywinegum Tue 22-Oct-19 21:04:56

Thanks cardamon - my tutor group is very quiet but not sure how to access the what’s app/Facebook groups - I’ll have a look into it


cardamoncoffee Tue 22-Oct-19 21:33:46

Just type the name/code of module into the search box and something should come up. There are often people in the groups who want to start whatsapp groups there.

CheeseOnToastMmm Tue 22-Oct-19 21:49:42

What module are you doing? I'm doing arts and humanities too smile

chocaholic73 Fri 25-Oct-19 20:38:37

Hi there - I just started a Psychology degree. Also finding it quite daunting.

MymbleClement Wed 30-Oct-19 12:25:50

Hi everyone!

I'm on my first module of a BSc in Biology. Starting to get to grips with it all a bit more. I did wonder what on earth I was getting into the first week!! I'm only doing 60 credits a year though.

danadas Wed 30-Oct-19 12:36:17

I finished my degree with the OU 6 years ago and have just signed up to do my Masters with them too. Looking forward to it but hoping I can manage Post Grad study. I have three children and work full time too.

Mararunner Sun 03-Nov-19 19:20:09

Hi, I've just enrolled on the Discovering Arts and Humanities module starting in February next year. Slightly scared!! Its going towards the BS (Hons) in English Literature. Will take me 6 years, as I'm doing 60 credits a year.

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