Student flat share accommodation - when to start looking?

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Harveypuss Thu 30-May-19 21:49:21

My DD is due to start at RADA in London in September, which does not have any halls of residence, so we'll be looking at rooms to rent/flat shares etc.

I'm just wondering when is usual to start looking for accommodation in London for a September start. RADA will communicate with us about students vacating properties towards the end of July but having never done this before, I'm wondering whether searching for rooms in August will be leaving it too late?

Does anybody have any experience of searching for flat shares/ rooms to rent in the London area that could offer any advice on how it all works? Is there generally always plenty of accommodation available? Any recommended websites would be most useful. I have been told about, which I've had a quick look at.

Would welcome your views and advice. TIA.

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rollingdiscs Thu 30-May-19 22:43:28

Hi, I think it depends on what your DD is going for. If she is going to try and find a place in some private halls, then probably needs to be done fairly soon, but obviously with A level results day being the day for most finding out if they got in, then there will be places free after then.

If looking for a flat share, then there isn't really a student property market in London. It's a case of competing with normal people, and usually just going for the shittiest they can find grin

I do not have any dc or know any at RADA, but I think it would be best to wait until they advise further on what people normally do for accommodation. The London property market is always moving, she'll find something, but I think for now her top priority is to be happy with whom and where she lives in first year.

Needmoresleep Fri 31-May-19 06:16:45

There was a poster a couple of years back (waves in case she is still around) whose DD went to RADA and who lived in UCL halls in her first year.

stucknoue Fri 31-May-19 06:49:07

Most students will be looking now, especially if they have unconditional offers. London is a bit different to elsewhere in the country but I would at least start researching. Halls do exist and might be a better option, but whichever option it won't be cheap

BubblesBuddy Fri 31-May-19 15:13:31

Most landlords won’t keep a room vacant until September though. It’s a huge amount of lost income. I think looking in August is good enough but I would start looking at web sites now to consider cost, location and what might be available.

Private student halls are expensive in London. Take a look if you like this idea. It has the advantage of meeting other students.

Needmoresleep Fri 31-May-19 16:36:17

I would not wait till August. There is not a distinct student market, and lots of new graduates are also looking for places to live. (I am a London landlord who just let an HMO so am up to date with the market.) I would start by asking at Rada and UCL and the intercollegiate halls, and getting her name down. Do look at private halls, but remember these will be quite booked up by now. Then look for spare rooms via the student room, notice boards at relevant Universities (UCL, Kings, LSE, SOAS etc) and perhaps spare . Rooms will come up once term has started because people drop out, fail exams etc, and especially after Christmas when American students doing a term abroad go home.

Do you know anyone who might be willing to take in a lodger for a few weeks/months? Lots of people are happy to get a bit of extra money, and it will save her from rushing into anything unsatisfactory.

If she finds something early dont worry. Its easy to get a job in London and she can see lots of theatre. Inter alia sign up for Central Tickets and other reduced price ticket wedsites.

Mendips Fri 31-May-19 17:49:36

I would speak to RADA


JCRADA Sat 01-Jun-19 08:58:51

Hi there

A friend highlighted this to me so I’ve joined mumsnet. I’m Director of Student and Academic Services at RADA. We will be sending accommodation contacts before July - it’s just being checked and finalised now. We don’t have our own halls but we have contacts for London halls (I visited them myself earlier in the year to check I was happy recommending them). Please drop a line to and ask them to forward it to me (Julie) and I will make sure you get info.

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