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curtaintrail Mon 20-May-19 19:25:41

Last minute registering by dd to Student Finance for tuition/maintenance grant.

As her parent, I've received an email asking me to provide information. Do I need to set up my own account with them first. I tried inputting her reference number but it just said that there's no account a/c linked to her registered account.

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BackforGood Mon 20-May-19 23:35:38

With my dc, dh and I both got e-mails from them, asking us to provide the information and the link is there. You don't need to set up an account yourself, it is your dc's account that is registered.

Odd though that you've had the e-mail if they are saying that.
I think you'll have to get in touch specifically re this issue.

raspberryrippleicecream Tue 21-May-19 00:37:26

You do have your own account/ log in, you should have got to a link asking you to either create an account or log in to your existing one.

curtaintrail Tue 21-May-19 05:42:29

Thanks. Called them and they advised I do need an account which they then link dd's to.

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