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InsulatedCup Mon 20-May-19 10:04:06

Anyone have any experience? My DS has had a rough few years - and has now left his Chemistry degree at a mainstream university. He has ASD and found it all too much to cope with, despite some support. He is keen to stay in the university town where he is, and would like to have a hands on laboratory job. I've found that the local college offers a foundation degree in chemistry/ pharmaceutical science which is very laboratory based and focussed on practical skills. I think it is more like an HND.

He has tried getting many trainee jobs in a lab for the past few months, but not a single interview.

Thanks in advance.

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Stillabitemo Tue 21-May-19 19:49:17

no experience but I would check with student finance about how it would be funded, depending on how many years of funding he’s had so far.

Also if he’s staying in university town he will presumably need to live out but wouldn’t be able to stay in uni halls and colleges don’t have a lot of accom so worth also exploring this carefully before committing.

mushroom3 Wed 22-May-19 11:18:13

Has he looked at higher level apprenticeships? This would be a mixture of working and studying. If he is a first year than an extra year of finance is covered. if a second year, if you can show there are medical reasons he couldn't cope eg mental health, they can give a discretionary second additional year. Also, find out if the courses he did at Uni can be transferred as credits to this course as he may eg be able to go into second year.

InsulatedCup Wed 22-May-19 18:19:20

Thanks both - next steps are looking at student finance and transferring credits - accommodation etc is sorted.

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InsulatedCup Fri 24-May-19 20:41:42

Just an update - the prospective new course leader has been exceptionally helpful. They are highly likely to accept the credit transfer, he needs to apply for an extra years funding and get the evidence needed for that.

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OKBobble Sat 25-May-19 08:51:46

That's good news. I hope he is happier going forward. Sometimes people get their via the scenic route. One of mine repeated yr 12 at school but got there in the end!

Runningbackwards Sat 25-May-19 08:57:56

He will most likely get more support because class sizes will be smaller. I would find out about the top-up options in order to achieve a full degree.
- I would think Student Loans would be open to that.


InsulatedCup Sat 25-May-19 11:05:28

OK - I know all about scenic routes! Nothing wrong with that, except for the sleepless nights for us parents.

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InsulatedCup Sat 25-May-19 11:06:01

Running - I think you are right about the small class sizes.

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