UCL second year rent?

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lapeath Sun 19-May-19 10:47:54

How much is 2nd year rent usually? My DD has found a flat with a sitting room for her and her friend at £210 per week. Can cheaper be found?

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LindaLa Sun 19-May-19 10:54:09

I'd say that's quite cheap for that area.
Assuming £210 each not including bills?
My only worry would be that it's in disrepair being so cheap!

LindaLa Sun 19-May-19 11:02:15

The fact that it's for 2nd year study won't make a difference to a landlord.

BubblesBuddy Sun 19-May-19 11:38:07

It totally depends on the area. That sounds about right for lots of areas within a fairly short commute but it would be a bit cheaper further out. However then there are travelling costs and perhaps not such a good location. It is sometimes cheaper to find a 3 bed or where more students share. There is also the rent a room scheme that some landlords do. That is less income but it’s tax free I think.

lapeath Sun 19-May-19 11:46:20

This was right by chalk farm station, it looked an ok area, not brilliant but nice enough and safe

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LindaLa Sun 19-May-19 12:53:01

I certainly wouldn't regard Chalk Farm as safe.
I have family there.
Explains why it's a below average rent though.

Sillybilly888 Sun 19-May-19 14:01:41

Dd lives in Islington near the islington /highbury station 3 bedroom house £157 per week. She has the smallest bedroom , pretty small. Kitchen is tiny, no living room as it has been converted into a bedroom. But its sufficient. Shes in her final year.


BubblesBuddy Sun 19-May-19 18:31:40

My DD has friends quite near there and some roads are very posh. Depends on the road! It is safe for London! They will be paying a premium for 2 bed and a lounge. They can actually have a social life in a flat with a lounge but is it worth paying for? I think its a pretty good area myself. It is not a low rent.

Needmoresleep Mon 20-May-19 08:17:00

DS paid £180 a couple of years back for Holborn. No living room though. I don't think London rents have risen since, indeed they are dropping. One problem though is that London Landlords are increasingly being required to obtain licences when letting to two or more sharers (it used to be five). These are expensive and time consuming to obtain, so the overall number of sharer properties in some areas has dropped.

Most central areas can be mixed. The main thing is how safe is her route to college. Close to a bus stop, even if the main road is gritty, is often better than ten minutes walk down nice residential side street.

Needmoresleep Mon 20-May-19 08:19:32

Forgot, DS' flat included heating which helped. However it was seen as a good deal and had been let continuously, with different students staying for a couple of years and then moving on, for about a decade.

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