Freshers Week

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Bowbridge Sun 05-May-19 10:51:12

DD has just been sent details to register for Freshers week at their chosen uni. They are asking for £85 per student to participate. Is this normal?

The programme looks great and does include some lunches and 2 dinners.

I don't remember Freshers costing anything up front back in my day.

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titchy Sun 05-May-19 11:10:36

Not just to attend surely? Most Freshers events are free although there will be lots that cost - Freshers Balls and society fees for example, though the latter often have a try before you buy.

Stillabitemo Sun 05-May-19 11:18:09

Usually freshers weeks will have a wristband option which is what I suspect this is. You buy the wristband for the higher cost but it covers entry to everything so you’re guaranteed to get in, and you don’t have to pay for each individual tickets so it works out cheaper.

Can be worth it if they’re going to attend quite a lot of things!

Rando42 Sun 05-May-19 11:20:44

When I went, I didn’t buy the freshers package, which included entry to all club nights at the uni + transport from halls + discounts for other stuff. I ended up paying out loads more than my friends who bought the package. I’d encourage her to get it if I were you.

HoozTurnIsIT Sun 05-May-19 21:56:03

They haven't even taken A levels yet so the majority of university applicants can't know for sure whether they will even be going to their first choice let alone think about buying tickets for Freshers.
I wouldn't bother until a week or two before term starts in the autumn.

VanCleefArpels Mon 06-May-19 13:15:38

That may be for a wristband that allows access to all events which tend to be in nightclubs rather than SU premises. If they are likely to be party hearty then it's probably good value, but absolutely no rush to pay it now - wait till after results at the very least!

BackforGood Mon 06-May-19 23:49:23

Does vary at different universities, but, unless they have an unconditional place, or took the exams last year and know for certain they are going, I wouldn't be paying for a Freshers wristband yet.
Also depends on the dc - some won't want to party all week.
Freshers isn't just about clubbing every night.


Itwouldtakemuchmorethanthis Mon 06-May-19 23:53:25

What madness is this? You paid as you went in my day.

Is there anyth8ng to do if you DONT drink?

VanCleefArpels Tue 07-May-19 07:39:44

These wristbands don’t generally include drink - it’s for access to events, T shirts etc

flissfloss65 Tue 07-May-19 07:45:28

Has she already taken her A levels? If not, do not buy this until after her results in August.

Bowbridge Tue 07-May-19 19:38:21

DD has an unconditional offer.

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Stopyourhavering64 Wed 08-May-19 10:00:18

Dd and Ds both bought fresher packages ...good value and allowed entry into many ticket only events during freshers week and in fact throughout first year- worked out much cheaper in long run

TapasForTwo Wed 08-May-19 23:02:51

Can I ask which university this is? DD already has her A levels and has confirmed her offer, but hasn't been contacted about anything from the university for several weeks.

latedecember1963 Thu 09-May-19 12:22:08

Bowbridge,seeing as your DD knows it's where she's definitely going, it sounds like a good idea and gets one of the costs of starting uni out of the way.

Itwouldtake, some unis have a Sober Socials Society where activities are planned with no alcohol.
The one my DS joined doesn't require you to be tea total but provides opportunities to do things without the pressure/expense of alcohol if you wish.

RedHelenB Thu 09-May-19 20:04:25

The one at Newcastle was really good value, stuff like going to go ape during the day as well as night stuff.

TapasForTwo Thu 09-May-19 20:15:30

That sounds good RedHelen, although GoApe is not something that DD would be interested in. What other things does the Newcastle one include?

spababe Sat 18-May-19 17:46:14

All the societies will have their own events in Freshers week. Go to the ones that look non/less drinking eg baking society. Having said that I think it's very hard for those that don't want to go drinking and clubbing and the unis do need more events for these people.

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