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LauraINmanchester Tue 17-Jul-07 15:31:53

Hi all,
I start my access to social science course in September and i cant wait, has anyone else on here done this course? i'm expecting it to be really hard! how does the study fit in with home-life? Im looking for any advice and encouragement you guys can offer, have any of you gone on to do a psychology degree, thats my aim, Ive got a prospectus or two sitting here and im deciding which degree to do and at which uni....they all look really interesting!

Dolcezza Tue 21-Aug-07 00:36:01

I have just done one out of two years of an access course... not the one u want to do, but they are great! I am doing the Humanities Arts and Social Sciences. I started out just for fun and to kick start my brain. First year did English and Study Skills... Somehow you find time and your brain cells to fit around your life. I have a very busy life, I work part time in a pub and m a cleaner (for family) and have two kids (10 and 6). Somehow, I managed to achieve 3 merits and 2 distinctions!! Do it! It will change your life!! For my 2nd yr I will be studying History and Cultural Studies. It's not for fun anymore, I genuinely want and need my certificate for my cv. I used to have office jobs, but at the mo I do what i have to do to fit around my boys, without the need for childminders. Since I started studying, my sister-in-law has enrolled this year! Hope this has inspired you! Good luck xx

RoseQuartz Thu 06-Sep-07 19:17:53

Hi there,

I would like to do an access course at local college, but somebody has put me off by saying that you first need to pass some test before you can be accepted, as they need to know if you have enough in your head to do the course? Is this true, and if so -
What is the test all about?
How difficult is the test?
How brainy do you need to be, and how much study time do you need to devote to an access course should you be accepted?

I am in my late 30's so you can imagine that i haven't studied anything much for quite a few years!

pgTips04 Tue 11-Sep-07 13:44:10

rosequartz, you dont need to be really brainy to do access course, you do a basic maths and english test to see what areas they can help you on, but that is all, I started with no qualifications at all and now have 3 gcse's and one equavelent to 'a' level, doing my final 'a'level this year. It is a difficult course to do, because they try to prepare you for going uni, but you get a head start doing this course for going into uni

Dont let other people put you off, you get varying abilities going on the course

pgTips04 Tue 11-Sep-07 13:44:47

ps im 36, so dont let age put you off either

TheodoresMummy Sat 15-Sep-07 18:15:09

I have just started an access course and there were no tests, just an 'interview' (was more like a friendly chat).

Contact the college you want to study at.

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