LIPA reserve - help please!

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whyayepetal Tue 30-Apr-19 12:31:01

Thanks for the replies everyone. I think she's going to hang on for a little while - doesn't have to make firm decision until June because she hadn't had replies from all by 31st March. @Still I'm not sure if that would work - once you accept an unconditional you are committed to attending that course I think?@RedHelen thanks! A bit of good news is lovely to hear and I hope that dancer is doing really well.@Comefromaway (great show by the way!), sounds like a very similar system at Bird. DDs other option (not really second choice IYSWIM, just different!) is ACM London. I would honestly be happy for her to attend either, but at the moment I think she feels quite drawn to LIPA as it's a little bigger/more student accommodation nearby and she knows a girl who went there this year (drama) and speaks very highly of it.

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Comefromaway Mon 29-Apr-19 13:21:37

I know of someone who is in a similar situation at Bird College.

What Bird do is to take them off the UCAS track then contact you separately if a reserve place comes up. Some colleges havn't even finished auditioning yet so places do sometimes come up.

What's her second choice? (My dd is a dancer but ds will be applying for vocational music/music tech places in a few years time)

RedHelenB Mon 29-Apr-19 13:17:30

I know someone that got in for dance that was on the reserve list so she's in with a shout.

Stillabitemo Sat 27-Apr-19 16:31:57

Accept second choice so she has a place. If LIPA get in touch on results day to offer her a place she can always contact second choice and withdraw then accept one from LIPA. Seems very convoluted and quite poor practice from LIPA but I believe deadline for making a firm/insurance choice is 1st May so she needs to take the most proactive course of action available to her.

whyayepetal Sat 27-Apr-19 10:33:11

DD has just been informed that she is on the reserve list for LIPA (music) and will be informed if a place becomes available by results day at the latest. In the meantime........ we have no indication of what the offer might be (conditional/unconditional) if she is lucky enough to be offered a place, and her next choice institution has offered her an unconditional place. They are also a very good option, and if she accepts their offer while waiting for Y/N from LIPA (as LIPA have suggested) they will become her firm choice..... AAAGGH! She doesn't want to mess option 2 around but doesn't want to throw away her dream choice either. And she needs to concentrate on exams too! Anyone got any experience of this scenario please? I'd be interested to know what other DC have done in a similar situation.
Thank you!

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