deferring ucas offers - the logistics

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Invisibleiink Fri 12-Apr-19 15:07:38

Has anyone's dc this year received an offer for 2019, then asked to defer to 2020 (before accepting the offer, if that makes a difference)? If so, do you know what the admin procedure is to put that into action?

I know step one is for the dc to ask the university if s/he can defer, but once the university has said yes does it have to update anything on track to show that it's a deferred offer, before the dc can accept the offer?

Dc has had a 'yes in principle that's ok' from the universities, but is not sure what has to happen next. As time is sort of marching on (given that over the next two weeks university people may be away?) I was trying to work out whether Track has to be changed. UCAS website page I found says 'ask the university first', but I'm not clear what happens after that?

Any information gratefully received!

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whereshalligo Fri 12-Apr-19 16:57:11

My Ds has deferred from offers received in 2019 to 2020 but only after he decided his firm and insurance. He made contact with admissions and asked to defer all very straight forward they both said yes and they amended his offers on Ucas so both now say 2020. He does still have to meet the offer conditions this August so if all ok offers will become unconditional. Hopes this helps.

Invisibleiink Fri 12-Apr-19 17:57:48

Thanks so much whereshalligo - that does suggest that UCAS has to be updated, but obviously it can be done after accepting if necessary. (So if the admin doesn't manage to get done before 1 May, the fallback is for dc to accept 2019 I suppose and then get the university to change it on track afterwards if they're happy to.) Thanks again!

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Invisibleiink Fri 12-Apr-19 20:23:27

Bumping for the evening parents of yr 13s.
If any of you have any deferring dc, would be very interested to hear of your experiences of what actually has to be done to Track to make it happen once the university's agreed.

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Invisibleiink Sat 13-Apr-19 11:18:13

Bumping again in case there are any weekenders who have Yr 13s who have deferred or are thinking of it?

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Stillabitemo Sun 14-Apr-19 19:43:16

You would need to make your firm and insurance choices first on UCAS and then contact the universities you have firmed and insured.

Stillabitemo Sun 14-Apr-19 19:46:41

Hit send too soon!

When you have contacted the universities they will make changes their end, which update UCAS to say ‘conditional offer for September 2020 intake’.

After results day, assuming you meet the entry requirements, your firm choice will then become an unconditional offer for the following year.

When you contact your firm choice university they will be able to give you the procedures specific to them (how long it will take them to update to entry 2020, what communication you can expect during your gap year etc)


Invisibleiink Mon 15-Apr-19 08:20:56

Thanks so much stillabite! Dc hasn't yet firmed/insured any of the offers, but has e mailed to ask the universities if it would be possible. Several have said yes fine if you want to, but nothing 'formal' like Track being altered yet.

With Easter coming up, time may be running short to do that admin, but it sounds as though, if Track hasn't been changed by 1 May* it would be a reasonable bet to firm/insure and then, as you say, the universities make the changes to Track afterwards. Though ideally (I) would prefer it more 'signed and sealed' before dc accepts! Ah well, learning to live with uncertainty etc!

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titchy Mon 15-Apr-19 08:35:07

He needs to firm and insure before 1 May otherwise he'll be declined. Once he's firmed and insured ask unis to amend offer on track to the correct year.

Invisibleiink Mon 15-Apr-19 08:51:23

yes absolutely titchy about 1 May, and AP here (anxious parent) already getting slightly nervous!

Mechanically, are the universities physically able to amend the offer on Track to show 2020 before dc accepts, or as a matter of logistics does the dc have to accept first before Track can be amended? (computer says no etc)

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