Open University and funding for a second degree

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greengrass100 Thu 04-Apr-19 13:17:04

Open University is excellent. Did an arts degree with them many years ago while children small. It used to be that if you already hold a degree then you could not get funding for a second degree but since 2017 if you study a STEM subject you can get funding. This is the list of degrees offered by Open University that funding for a second degree is available. One of the Open University degrees, the BSc Combined STEM , gives options of modules at level 1 and 2 that cover the arts subjects too, as long as you choose STEM subjects too, so this degree would have a broad appeal . The student loan does not have to be paid back until you earn £25000, if you never earn that much you do not have to start paying it back. If you earn that but then wage drops or finishes then you stop paying back.

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