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dalbitsori Tue 26-Feb-19 06:45:19

Im choosing my Alevel subjects atm, and i want to study art business and maybe photography (plus another subject, i haven't thought about yet) However, my school offers art as an alevel subject business as a btec and photography as pre-u. Is it possible to take them all at once?

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RoseAndRose Tue 26-Feb-19 07:10:24

I was trying to find out how much coursework there is forba photography pre-u and I can't find it under that name. Is it under the art and design umbrella?

For it is amount of coursework that wouid be the concern for me.

LoniceraJaponica Tue 26-Feb-19 07:13:53

BTEC is coursework heavy anyway, and both art and photography A levels are coursework heavy as well. This probably won't be sustainable unless you are very focused and disciplined.

What do you want to do afterwards?

dalbitsori Tue 26-Feb-19 07:24:20

Im planning on doing fashion design, is it necessary to take all those subjects?

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MarchingFrogs Tue 26-Feb-19 08:19:20

You could start with the UCAS search tool, to see what courses are available, which institutions offer them and what their entry requirements are:

LIZS Tue 26-Feb-19 08:25:14

Work back from college/uni requirements. Many schools would not offer photography in any form at level 3 so doubt it is necessary. Likewise business studies. You might be better choosing a stronger facilitating subject.

LIZS Tue 26-Feb-19 08:27:11

Which school did you opt for in the end and what subjects do they consistently achieve good results in?


BubblesBuddy Tue 26-Feb-19 08:41:25

My DD did all three subjects at A level. I can assure you it’s hard. On top of that you will need a portfolio for university. If you want to take your time for that, do a foundation year.

My DD went to the London College of Fashion so it’s doable and she didn’t do a foundation year! It was manic and you have to be utterly disciplined. If you like the subjects it’s great and LCF usually offer a place on 2 A Levels.

It’s a huge shame your school has a disjointed approach to Art.,I don’t think that’s helpful. DD did 6th form at a boarding school with superb art and support for art careers. They also used to have a fashion designer in residence. Fashion was in the DNA of the school. The Le Bon girls went there. That helped a lot with designing and making clothes, and doing a fashion show at school. If you need to change schools, do it.

ifonly4 Tue 26-Feb-19 09:03:13

As mentioned, I'd look at what unis/colleages require in the future. It may be you can follow your chosen path without doing all three at the moment. Also, you can check our their requirements.

dalbitsori Tue 26-Feb-19 12:20:12

If i want to study fashion design in the future is it necessary to take photography or business? what other subjects will be beneficial to this career? I checked my schools website, honestly, there aren't a lot of choices. However, i think i will have to choose art and business. i'm just wondering if i should take photography as well, but as you guys said they are all coursework heavy subjects.

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LIZS Tue 26-Feb-19 12:31:16

What other subjects are you interested in? Maybe history, history of art, geography (if the course includes sustainability and environmental issues), textiles? Don't rely on the website, there should be an options booklet provided by the school on which you express your preferences. It may be that not all subjects listed run every year if there are not enough students choosing it or timetabling means there are clashes. Will your current qualifications allow you free choice (some schools may require a minimum grade at gcse equivalent to continue)? Sorry but it seems strange to have got so far as to secure a place at fee paying school from overseas but not have clarified that they excel in your chosen subjects or even offer them.

BlueMerchant Tue 26-Feb-19 12:37:33

Why didn't you research what the school had to offer first. You shouldn't decide your subjects from what the school offers. You should choose your school for what they offer you.

dalbitsori Tue 26-Feb-19 12:50:46

yes i did research before apply for the school. I think i picked the right school since it has amazing art facilities with teachers who have studies fashion design (i even visited the school once). Im just unsure about the other 2 subjects since im taking art and business.

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LIZS Tue 26-Feb-19 13:45:37

Photography is definitely not an essential. If the school has teachers with a related background ( assuming they worked in the industry) why not ask for their suggestions. Or look at potential art degree courses online for their entry requirements.

MarchingFrogs Tue 26-Feb-19 13:47:14

If i want to study fashion design in the future is it necessary to take photography or business?

I can't see why either of those would be required for studying / pursuing a career in fashion design. Fine Art and / or Textiles would seem more likely, but the UCAS link I provided upthread will give access to the actual requirements of the universities and colleges offering the degrees that you are interested in.

You could also check out the university websites for the dates of tbis year's degree shows (often in June). They are open to the public and would give you an idea of the kind of work produced by the students there.

Fazackerley Tue 26-Feb-19 13:49:19

It's perfectly possible to take three coursework subjects as long as you are organised.

Fazackerley Tue 26-Feb-19 13:49:58

I think they sound a great mix for fashion design.

CeciCC Tue 26-Feb-19 14:04:59

Hi, I think Textiles would be far more useful for a Fashion Design degree that photography. Art A' level is very heavy on course work and very easy to fall behind unless you are very very organised. My DD1 is just finishing her A' levels. She did Art, Textiles and Spanish and she will be doing a Fashion Design degree comes September. She loved Art in GCSE but now..
If the school where you will be doing A' levels have teacher that are Fashion designers (or work in industry) they should be able to advice you in what A' levels would be the best for you future career.
If you are not doing textiles in GCSE, talk to your future college if you could do it as A' level. Some of my DD1 friends didn't do textiles in GCSE but they are taking textiles A' level.
good luck!

PrismGuile Tue 26-Feb-19 14:27:02

Do history - it will give you a great background idea of dress through history and may inspire you.

BubblesBuddy Tue 26-Feb-19 17:00:22

LCF want two A levels and you could add a BTech. For A levels they like Maths, English, Sciences, Art, Design, Textiles. Before you decide anything, look at the best courses and see what they want and especially what they want for a portfolio.

My DD designed and created garments as part of A level art. Can your school deliver this? If you need a portfolio, how will you go about this and what advice will you be given? Make sure they have a track record of getting students into the course(s) you want.

dalbitsori Fri 01-Mar-19 13:04:54

my school does not provide textiles but the teacher said i could work on fashion design in class if i want to. Is Art, maths, economics and btec business a better idea? however, i dont know if im good at economics since i've never taken that subject before.

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LIZS Fri 01-Mar-19 16:12:00

I would consider it odd for such a strong art department , especially with teachers from a fashion design background, not to offer Textiles. Economics A level is perceived as more academic a subject and includes more maths than Btec Business Studies (what level Btec are they offering?) Not sure it would be necessary to do both though tbh. What are other potential options? Do students typically take 3 or 4 and are you required to take an EAL qualification alongside?

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