Help with an interesting art movement/artist presentation?

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Discobabe98 Mon 25-Feb-19 21:48:31

So I've to give a short (under 5 minutes) presentation to my HND Graphic Design class on Wednesday as part of our contextual unit, the presentation itself is not actually graded which is why I've left it so late but think the tutor just wants to see how we're getting along understanding the unit in general etc etc..

Problem is, he's been so vague that I can't settle on something interesting to do? I know my class would be bored to tears hearing about Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry, Andy Warhol etc..

Anyone got any ideas on an obscure/interesting art movement or artist themselves that I could whizz something together on? Could even be a particular series or set of work from someone, don't have to be a famous artist either!

Many thanks in advance

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TrainSong Mon 25-Feb-19 22:03:55

How about book art - art made from old books? It's really varied and beautiful. I love it. Just put 'book art' into Google then click on images.

Discobabe98 Mon 25-Feb-19 22:22:56

Ohh thank you! Will have a look x

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PeachScone Tue 26-Feb-19 07:32:49


Cyberworrier Tue 26-Feb-19 07:41:20

What kind of art do you like? Much easier to do an interesting presentation on stuff you’re interested in! And can it be fine art rather than graphic design (I assume so as you listed artists rather than designers).
So do you want sculpture, painting, installation or video artist suggestions? What kind of cultural stuff excites you?

Blondielongie Tue 26-Feb-19 07:43:04

How about John Curran? His art has been featured a lot by the band pulp. He creates paintings that look old fashioned /traditional but the subjects are current.

Blondielongie Tue 26-Feb-19 07:44:05

peachscone I love Basquait


Blondielongie Tue 26-Feb-19 07:44:59

Auto correct. John CURRIN

ApolloandDaphne Tue 26-Feb-19 07:50:03

What about looking at Vorticism? It was only popular for a short period on the back of Cubism and i think it is fascinating.

Cyberworrier Tue 26-Feb-19 07:58:38

Another artist who plays with art history is Glenn Brown, you could compare how he and John Currin make us question what painting can be today (although both getting on now/v established) and how contemporary art relates to art history.
I love vorticism- good for linking graphic design knowledge to wider art history.

BikeRunSki Tue 26-Feb-19 08:04:23

Does photography count? How about the Photographs commissioned by the US Farm Administration Service in The Depression? Dorothea Lang’s Migrant Mother is the most famous of these (it’s in MOMA in New York), but there is a whole series, by several photographers, who were tasked with recording US rural/agricultural life, but hace artistic merit of their own.

Pieceofpurplesky Tue 26-Feb-19 08:18:40

How about Vanitas in art and photography?

User478 Tue 26-Feb-19 08:23:07

Yayoi Kusama. A really awesome Japanese artist who does sculptures of polkadot pumpkins (and other stuff) her gallery at the Brode (in LA) was so popular with people taking selfies that they have had to limit visits to 30 seconds in each room to take selfies!

TrainSong Tue 26-Feb-19 09:30:06

I just had a look for John Currin because I loved the sound of what you described Blondie but it was just endless pictures of women with enormous bare breasts. Very dull and off putting. Not women as humans at all.Is there another side to his work?

HappydaysArehere Tue 26-Feb-19 09:42:28

Just a thought. Children’s art maybe found in local primary school? It could be related to Picasso who said he strived all his life to paint like a child. It is direct, informative and the composition is nearly always perfect. You could look at the sizing of people and objects and how they relate to the meaning within the composition. Also the colours etc. If you explained your interest to a local infant head you might be surprised and find a welcoming to you photographing or borrowing examples. Just a thought. It would be original.

Blondielongie Tue 26-Feb-19 14:58:00

Trainsong I wrote and essay on currin when I was at uni. If you go on Google, there does seem to be a focus on that side of his work. I have one of his books. He does focus on the female figure and women but paints in unsettling ways.

Just had a scan (free afternoon!!) in that book. Here are some non naked ones (apart from fishermen)

Ann-charlotte 1996 Mary oconnel 1989 girl in bed 1993 girl on hill 1995 buffet 1999 homemade pasta 1999 the lobster 2001 Park city grill 2000 the cuddler 2000 two guys 2002 fishermen 2002.

Blondielongie Tue 26-Feb-19 15:00:02

Discobabe98 Tue 26-Feb-19 17:20:15

Thank you all so much, some interesting ideas and even if I don’t use for PowerPoint it’s all relevant for ongoing contextual work.

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