Anyone's DC spent a semester/ year studying abroad?

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Yourownpersonaljesus Fri 22-Feb-19 20:24:25

I posted earlier asking if anyone had a DC that had studied at the University of Hong Kong. I guess that was a bit too specific so I was wondering if anyone's DC had spent a semester or year studying abroad (from the UK). My DD has a provisional offer to study abroad for a semester next year so I'd love to hear of others experiences.

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BubblesBuddy Fri 22-Feb-19 20:35:23

All MFL students will go abroad for a year. I didn’t answer your other post because I know little about the University of Hong Kong other than one of DDs school friends went there. However she was from Hong Kong!

Regarding going abroad, my DD is a MFL grad so did a semesters in two countries. I would say, however, do it!!! It’s a great experience. DCs grow up, become self reliant and grow in all sorts of ways. Great for the cv too. Obviously it’s around 11 hours plus to get there so coming back for weekends isn’t an option but it’s an amazing opportunity to observe a different culture. And the food’s great!

Yourownpersonaljesus Fri 22-Feb-19 20:51:28

Thanks for your reply Bubbles. She's really keen to do it. I think it's a provisional offer as the University of Hong Kong still have to accept her. Hopefully it's just a formality. She's studying politics and economics but the modules she'll (hopefully) be studying there are all politics modules. It's such a great opportunity and as you say will look great on her CV. And to experience such a different culture would be amazing. Fingers crossed.

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Chocolatedeficitdisorder Sat 23-Feb-19 00:39:46

My Dd gained a year long scholarship to China when she left school, along with 22 other school-leavers. It was hard waving her off at 17years old, but it was a hugely valuable experience.

She's back in a UK Uni now but is heading off to China again in September for another year. She adores China and hopes to get some travelling in during the long break they have over Chinese New Year.

Yourownpersonaljesus Sat 23-Feb-19 12:05:08

Chocolate what a fantastic experience for your DD. What was she studying?

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Chocolatedeficitdisorder Sat 23-Feb-19 12:20:28

She was originally given the scholarship as part of a UK/Chinese partnership to encourage the learning of Mandarin amongst young people. Her group studied the language, most of them almost beginners. She decided while she was there to change what she had planned to study (International Relations) and come home to study Chinese instead. She's doing a 4-year MA degree and her 3rd year will be spent in China.

Yourownpersonaljesus Sat 23-Feb-19 14:29:58

Sounds brilliant Chocolate. Thanks for sharing.

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Somethingsmellsnice Sat 23-Feb-19 16:16:28

My DSS's gf is currently in China for a semester and a friend's daughter did a year in the US on an exchange. Both are enjoying the experience.

Alaimo Sat 23-Feb-19 18:28:26

I spent a year in the US as part of my undergraduate degree. Best year of my life. There were a few other exchange students who were only over for a semester but at least half of them managed to negotiate that they could also stay for the second semester as they were enjoying it so much.

Daisymay2 Sat 23-Feb-19 18:35:16

Nothing like so exotic but DS spend a semester in Dublin at the time of the centenary of the Easter Rising- which was brilliant for a History student with an interest in Irish History.
He is dyslexic so his choice of study abroad was limited- he struggles with languages.
It was definately good for his independance and he has friends from all over the world now.

LurkyMcLurky Sat 23-Feb-19 18:43:18

DD did a semester abroad in the NL at the beginning of her 2nd year. She absolutely loved it despite a few wobbles about going initially. She came back with so much more confidence and it was a really worthwhile experience for her.

RandomMess Sat 23-Feb-19 18:55:17

I did a year abroad in the NL for my 2nd year, loved it so much more than my UK years!

BubblesBuddy Sat 23-Feb-19 19:15:07

Yourownoersonaljesus: if your DD is keen to go, support her. She’s likely to make the most of it if she’s keen. There will be some teething problems but everyone gets sorted out.

I would look at the University of Hong Kong website and see what they say about welcoming foreign students. If they take a decent number they should have info. Usually the students swap so i would be hopeful of HK being fine with the proposal. The uk university is unlikely put this forward if it won’t run.

What, if any, accommodation is available? Hopefully it will be if she applies for it. This is the most important thing. What settling in events do they have? Is there dedicated staff to advise foreign students? How are modules taught? Does she only take Politics modules or is there anything else available? How does her home university view it? Does she have to take and pass exams there or is work to be done for her home university?

It’s a great opportunity and think of the holiday opportunity for you!!! I would be dead keen.

MrsWOLF1 Sat 23-Feb-19 19:17:08

My son spent a year at Lund (Sweden) as part of his history degree

Yourownpersonaljesus Sat 23-Feb-19 19:34:00

Thanks so much for all of the replies. I will definitely be supporting her - I'm quire envious actually! We've looked at the website- there's lots
of information on there. She also has a meeting at her university in two weeks where she'll get more information.

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BubblesBuddy Sun 24-Feb-19 10:20:14

She’s on her way then!

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