Anyone still waiting to hear from Bristol for Mechanical Engineering?

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Tuftytail Fri 22-Feb-19 19:45:29

Anyone else still to hear? DS has all his other offers and done applicant days this week. He would really like to make his mind up now but still waiting for Bristol. The application went in in November and he had an email to say on hold until 15th January but still nothing. I got him to send a polite email earlier in the week but got a standard reply saying they are getting a lot of emails but no substantive response. Anybody else in the same boat?

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Watchingblueplanet Fri 22-Feb-19 21:57:37

What other offers has he got? Is he desperate for Bristol?

Tuftytail Fri 22-Feb-19 22:27:53

No, he’s not desperate for Bristol but he did a lot of research and open days before submitting his UCAS form so it would be nice to have the full picture before making a decision. He has an offer from Bath so would probably firm either Bristol or Bath if Bristol made him an offer.

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BubblesBuddy Sat 23-Feb-19 00:26:32

It’s only February! What’s the rush?

Tuftytail Sat 23-Feb-19 08:15:14

Because the accommodation for other choices opens on 1st March on a first come first served basis and because he’s been looking for so long he just wants to put it to bed now.

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hellsbells99 Sat 23-Feb-19 09:58:41

Hope he hears soon. My DD is doing Mechanical Engineering elsewhere and is now in her third year. She is loving her course and so glad she chose it. But it is hard work! She is generally in uni from 9am until at least 7pm during the week, plus spending weekends doing lab reports and assignments.

Rosieposy4 Sat 23-Feb-19 17:53:06

I think it probably increases his chances of an offer. My dc heard from Bristol Mech Eng nearly three weeks ago now with a rejection.


Tuftytail Sat 23-Feb-19 18:44:11

That’s interesting Rosieposy. I hope your DC has offers from other unis they want. I think it is likely that DS will withdraw from Bristol now as we’ve been to Nottingham today and the course suits him much better.

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BubblesBuddy Sat 23-Feb-19 18:57:40

Nottingham accommodation applications close on 31 May and Bath’s open on 8 May. There is no need to rush but if he prefers Nottingham that’s fine but your info regarding accommodation isn’t correct.

Rosieposy4 Sun 24-Feb-19 21:11:28

He has thanks Tufty, he was upset about Bristol but has got over it now, the other 4 gave him offers.

Watchingblueplanet Thu 28-Feb-19 23:59:50

Rosie/Tifty - given my DD’s experience a I think you should be glad your DCs are not going to Bristol. It is such a shame as academically the university is fantastic but I think your DCs will get a better student experience elsewhere.

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