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Amylouisexxo Fri 08-Feb-19 13:45:56

Hi guys, I am looking into going into midwifery, well Iv already applied for the access to nursing and midwifery course at college. But I’m abit stressed for when I apply for uni as I have misplaced my gcse results. Iv had feedback from a few different people that have said not to worry as the access course is normally enough to get into uni, they have done the same but gone into adult nursing. I just have a feeling that it will be just my look that they will ask me for my gcse results and I will have to contact all the different exam boards and pay for new certificates, and at £45 per result it’s going to get expensive 😩 has anyone else had to do this or am I just worrying too much?!

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Alongwaytogo Fri 08-Feb-19 13:53:17

It depends on the university. The one I work at will accept access modules in place of gcses but I'd ring the admissions dept of ur chosen unis to check

Amylouisexxo Fri 08-Feb-19 14:01:51

It will be at the university of Nottingham, same as where my friends are in their final year for adult nursing. I have had my old school send me my results in a letter but obviously a letter isn’t proper documents but I will save it just incase anyway. I have checked online at their entry requirements and it states they accept the access course along with English and maths gcse. I’m hoping my results are actually in the garage so will have to empty it out once the weather starts to warm up again!

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Alongwaytogo Fri 08-Feb-19 14:55:55

I'd just give them a ring. It's a very common question n it'll take 2 mins. A quick read of their entry requirements online sounds like it must be gcses as they no longer accept level 2 equivalents. It'll be because midwifery is a highly sought after course compared to standard adult nursing. Looks like you may have to pay for replacement certs. Or an official statement of results from your exam body.

Amylouisexxo Fri 08-Feb-19 16:37:30

@Alongwaytogo thanks I will give them a call tomorrow! X

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