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alexmongoose Mon 28-Jan-19 21:33:24


So, we are relocating overseas. My ex partner is staying in the UK. We have 2 teenagers together who are going to be schooled overseas as it is an international school with fantastic opportunities, but will be home in the UK with their dad during holidays etc. We are all UK nationals and up to now have all lived in the England.

In terms of Student finance, when the time comes, I know the rules for UK nationals are to be resident in the UK 3 years prior to the course to be eligible. Would our kids qualify as they have a resident parent?

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titchy Mon 28-Jan-19 22:05:45

Strictly speaking no as you are the resident parent not your ex. Unless you are a crown servant, or somehow remain ordinarily domiciled in U.K., including paying tax here.

However you may well get away with it - plenty do!

ShanghaiDiva Tue 29-Jan-19 00:23:59

As your children's fee status is unclear the university will send you additional forms to complete to help them determine fee status. They type of information required varies from university to university, but generally includes:
details on property you have in the uk
how often you return to the uk
do you pay tax in the uk
do you children have bank accounts in the uk
are they registered with a gp/dentist in the uk
reason for relocating abroad - permanent or secondment
You will also need to provide evidence, so hold on to boarding cards, council tax payments etc

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