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How do I go about this ?

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dawn96 Thu 24-Jan-19 20:02:45

I got an A* to C in every single subject and top marks on my A levels but only a D in maths and it’s akways held me back from going to university to become a primary school teacher ,I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old exclusively breastfed baby and would really like to get my grade to a C ,I took my exams 6 times and got a D every single time on the higher paper ,Why they couldn’t let me do the foundation paper I don’t know but since I can’t really leave the house I’m wondering what my options are for retaking the exam ? If anyone knows or if anyone’s done this from home or something similar it would be greatly appreciated

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dawn96 Thu 24-Jan-19 20:03:12

If you could tell me some more information *

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titchy Thu 24-Jan-19 20:13:26

Your local FE college will provide free lessons and the exam. You can't sit an exam from home. Check with universities whether functional skills level 2 is sufficient - it might not be for teaching.

Depending how long ago you did A levels you might need to do an Access course which can include the Maths you need.

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