Degree or Degree with a Foundation Year?

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waterhorse123 Sat 19-Jan-19 18:27:37

Hello, our youngest son has had an unconditional offer for a degree course. We had decided (as we're not sure he'll get his third A level due to a huge personality clash with a teacher and the fact that he now hates the subject and won't change his mind thanks to his ASD) that applying for a foundation year with the degree would be the best thing for him as apart from anything else it would be a gentle introduction to uni working at level three before going on to the actual degree.
But the offer came and it was for the degree course. And it's unconditional so the outcome of the subject we're doubtful about doesn't matter so much. He is predicted to do well in his other two subjects and he just might do okay in the third, if we can persuade him he can.
I spoke to the university in question and they have said he can change now to the Foundation Year with degree, or when he starts if he doesn't like the degree year he can revert back to the Foundation Year, but we feel a last minute change might be very upsetting for him as he would miss the start of the Foundation Year and it doesn't take much to make him reach saturation level with stress.
We can also see the benefit in one less year at uni financially, and are pleased he's had this offer. We just don't know how to advise him.
Any suggestions, particularly from any parents out there with ASD offspring who've been to university?
I should say that his older brother who is also ASD did a degree with a foundation year and enjoyed it.

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BubblesBuddy Sat 19-Jan-19 18:56:26

I would follow your original instinct and go for the foundation year. However, will that require the same results as the unconditional offer, or higher?

The unconditional offers are more about bums on seats and not necessarily about what is best for students. If he might find the degree too stressful, the foundation sounds like a good plan. I think it’s flattering to receive the unconditional, and this was a better outcome than expected, but is it best for him? What happens if he dislikes a lecturer or two?

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