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dalbitsori Fri 18-Jan-19 14:18:36

Hi everyone, I have received an offer from both Brentwood school and Lancing college. However, I am very unsure of which one I should choose. I have visited both of the schools as well, from what I have seen, Brentwood school is much friendlier and there seems to be less pressure on students. Meanwhile, Lancing college seems colder since there are lots of boarders (around 100-200?), unlike Brentwood (only around 25). After all, Lancing did prove that they have better facilities (especially art, because I want to be a designer). Other than that, the view from Lancing college is just amazing, and since it is far away from "civilization" I can focus on my studies more, but the students there said that there are pressure and competition. Lastly, Brentwood school is much more convenient than Lancing college as it only takes around 30 minutes to London by train. I'm very stuck right now, I hope someone will help, I'll have to make a decision by tomorrow.

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LIZS Fri 18-Jan-19 14:23:47

You might want to repost under Secondary Education, with school names in the title. What entry point is it and what do you hope to get from the school. Are you from overseas?

dalbitsori Fri 18-Jan-19 14:37:36

Hi, yes I should. I will be joining the lower sixth this year and yes I am from overseas.

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yikesanotherbooboo Fri 18-Jan-19 15:23:17

If you are a boarder then the school with more boarders is likely to provide you with more colleagues and thus a lot more social support. There will be more pupils around at weekends doing the same schoolwork and more to do at weekends. To me this would make Lancing by far the better option.
Lancing is quite near to Gatwick and nearer to Heathrow than Brentwood so from that point of view it would also tick boxes for me unless you are likely to be using Stanstead of City airports.
Lancing is near Brighton which is a fun city with a lot going on culturally .
I have no axe to grind between the two schools, just my thoughts on practicalities.

MarchingFrogs Fri 18-Jan-19 15:39:43

Brentwood is actually a dozen miles closer to Heathrow, near the M25 and a half an hour or so shorter journey by public transport than from Lancing. Further from Gatwick, of course.

MariaNovella Fri 18-Jan-19 17:19:37

Lancing is not an especially selective or academic school. Don’t worry about too much pressure.

dalbitsori Sat 19-Jan-19 03:26:37

Thanks everyone. The problem is that I already paid for Brentwood school since i received an offer last year (i wasnt expecting Lancing to accept me right now) But Lancing was my first choice, I dont know if i should give up this chance. Honestly, went I went to Brentwood, there were less boarders but it felt closer (the bond between the housemaster and the girls). Maybe I feel guilty because If i choose to accept Lancing my parents would have to spend even more money. Since Lancing is further away (on a mountain??), I think its good to make myself study without any distractions for two years and go off to university in London (Im thinking UAL). What do you guys think?

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LIZS Sat 19-Jan-19 08:28:31

Lancing is by the coast, no mountains for 100s of miles, just a backdrop of green hills! It is about 20 minutes drive to Brighton, one of the most vibrant and artsy cities in UK. UAL?

dalbitsori Sat 19-Jan-19 09:00:03

actually my main concern is that i will feel pressure since im may not be the brightest student in class for some subjects. I'm also worried about making friends. I like Lancing college more but brentwood school seems friendlier

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LIZS Sat 19-Jan-19 09:13:49

Does either have a stronger tradition for students getting uni places in your intended field, let alone UAL, and offer extra curricular activities and have resources to support it. You may well find that day pupils are friendly on visiting but there is a social divide between them and boarders due to the amount of time spent together, so a larger boarding cohort might work better . Do you have a guardian yet, if so where are they located!

MarchingFrogs Sat 19-Jan-19 09:26:11

No first hand experience of either school, I'm afraid (although we are close enough to Brentwood for some people to go there from here), but given its proximity to London, it would be easier to attend e.g. events at the more central constituent colleges of UAL, to get a feel for them - and other London universities, of course - from there. Brentwood itself is definitely less 'interesting' than Brighton, though, and the location of your guardian is definitely something to consider (from their point of view, if nothing else, if someone has already been appointed).

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