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PoesyCherish Tue 15-Jan-19 12:52:10

Hi, is anyone on / applied for a Healthcare Science degree or got DC in the same boat? I've taken the plunge to try and go back to university and retrain in Healthcare. I already have a first degree but that was a decade ago now (I feel old shock ). I'm somewhat bricking it!

I've been offered an interview at my first choice of university. I've no idea what to expect though. Has anyone had an interview or have DC who have had interviews? Was it a really formal process?

Any support along this journey would be hugely appreciated. I'd forgotten how nerve wracking this whole process is!

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BubblesBuddy Tue 15-Jan-19 16:27:24

I think a university interview will not be that different fro a job interview. It will not be as nerve wracking ad an Oxbridge interview! They will be trying to ascertain if you are a good fit for the course. An employer is trying to ascertain if you are a good fit the job - its the same thing.

Can you substantiate what you have said in your personal statement and can you add a bit more detail if asked? Make sure you know what you wrote! Ensure you are aware of exactly what the course entails and show enthusiasm. Have some idea about what sort of career you might want so you can explain why the course is important to you. Think of specific areas of the course that are a good fit with your intended career.

You will get a chance to ask about anything you are unsure about. So, have a question or two up your sleeve. It makes you engaged with the process and it should be a conversation, not a one way question and answer session. Try and read about your subject and maybe have some up-to-date issues or good practice you can refer to if necessary. I have no idea what these might be, but any recent article or paper on a relevant healthcare development that interests you is worth knowing about so you can insert that into the conversation if needs be.

Good luck!

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