Credit transfer for OU from uk university

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DrunkenUnicorn Thu 10-Jan-19 09:44:48

I was wondering if anyone could help or point me in the right direction?

I am a SAHM to three children. Due to recently discovering my husband’s infidelity I am having to have a complete rethink about where I am going to be in 5/10/20 years time.

We have been together for 16 years, eldest DS is now 15, born in my a level year. I took a year out and then started my degree. We had moved to the other side of the country as that was where DH had a place at a prestigious uni. I chose a course that I could do with my a levels, results were ok, not as good as they could have been really- I had a lot on my plate my Alevel year! It limited me in terms of subject choice as it was an RG uni so not many subjects would accept my BBC (+B AS level). We had discussed that his degree/career path would be much higher earning than mine and so we prioritised that (with hindsight the BIGGEST mistake). Eg I always took time off due to dc illness etc. I went part time as was finding it too much. My DH then finished his BA and had to move across the country to start the next part of his studies/ professional qualification. I moved with him and two days per week commuted 170 mile round trip back to uni. But it collapsed due to lack of childcare after a year and I was so unhappy I just buried my head in the sand and ignored it. By that point I had completed 300 CATS of a 360 CAT course. I was so unhappy at the university for various reasons, most of them nothing to do with the university itself I just basically ran away and didn’t want to deal with it and didn’t feel I had to as by that point DH was well on his way to a v well paid career which meant he would have to work v hard and I wanted to be around for ds and wanted a second child. Financially we were lucky in that we could manage on his wage.

I am currently thinking through my options for career as I have been feeling unfulfilled for a while and these recent revelations have given me a kick to get on with it. I am now reconsidering our marriage but feel stuck. I have an unfinished degree, several small p/t jobs and a business I jointly set up then sold under my belt, but nothing more. We live in an expensive part of the uk and we couldn’t afford two households on his salary if we were to split. I want to feel that I have options, that I’m not staying together because I have to.

Anyway, that was a very long and garbled way of saying, I think there is an option of credit transfer? But I’m struggling to make sense of it on the website, I can see options for other types of course but I’m struggling with a bog standard BA?

And what about my old uni? I have nothing from them re what I had/hadn’t done? How do I get proof etc?

If anyone has any knowledge or experience of my best way forward I would be very grateful.

Thank you so much for your help.

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MarchingFrogs Thu 10-Jan-19 15:42:25

The short answer would appear to be almost certainly, yes. Have a look at the 'My previous study' section on the OU website.

titchy Thu 10-Jan-19 18:03:12

Depends on the course. Unlikely I'd have thought as the credit was gained so long ago - credit has a shelf life, often 10 years, after which it runs out.

You can contact your old uni for a transcript though and see what the OU says.

MarchingFrogs Thu 10-Jan-19 18:45:07

The OU site asks whether the relevant credits were obtained up to 16 years ago, or more than this.

Bombardier25966 Thu 10-Jan-19 18:52:17

You'll need an academic transcript from your old university.

The amount of credits you'll be able to transfer depends on your original course and your new course.

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