I'm such an idiot.

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ifonly4 Wed 09-Jan-19 10:19:51

Agree, contact them saying sorry you didn't make it to interview and ask if there's any chance of rescheduling.

ILoveChristmasLights Wed 09-Jan-19 10:15:25

Yes, you’re an idiot. A time wasting idiot.

However, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. Do the decent thing and ring or send an email apologising. If you still want the interview there’s no harm in asking if you can reschedule. The worst they can do is say no.

Go to the other two interviews but in the meantime think about what you REALLY want. It’s a good career and will always exist. You’ll need maternity leave whatever job you’re doing and there is a lot of flexibility when returning back to work.

🙄 don’t do it again ya muppet! 🤣

Hopefulmidwife Wed 09-Jan-19 10:06:09

I'm such an idiot.
So I've got 4 interviews for midwifery. Had one, and that one offered (hurrah!)

Last night whilst I couldn't sleep, I was thinking and over analysing like you do, and started to really panic about the future, money, when am I gonna have babies etc (I'm 28 in a months time). My second interview was today, and I didn't go. Got half way and changed my mind!!

What a bloody Wally!!! I still have two to go, and I do have an offer (grades dependent) but I'm feeling so disappointed and angry at myself. People want these places and I've just wasted their time.

Anyway tell me I'm being silly and the day will get better; right?? grin

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