Cambridge decisions, how are you coping?

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Kismetjayn Mon 10-Dec-18 15:12:01

How are you managing this wait?

I'm applying, not my child. Interview went alright, not amazing, but not awful either. I hover between 'everyone who gets in thinks they could have done better' and 'mediocrity isn't Oxbridge calibre'. I'm so stressed I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything else- it's not the end of the world if I don't get in, have places elsewhere, but decides where DD and I live when we leave STBX. Cambridge do better grants etc so aside from all the other advantages it decides our quality of life for the next 3 years in some ways. Ideally more than 3!

I've got to do Christmas, keep a steady face on for DD and plan as much in the background while just waiting and waiting and waiting.

How are you coping?

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Lililili Mon 10-Dec-18 16:51:20

I am waiting for the result for my DD. It must be much more difficult for you if it means moving with a family. Are you applying with A levels already in hand? It’s difficult, but thinking about it and worrying won’t make any difference. Try throwing yourself into Christmas?!

Kismetjayn Mon 10-Dec-18 17:39:47

Access grades in hand, all distinctions thankfully.

Good luck to your daughter- it is so stressful! I am trying to think of Christmas and planning lots of fun activities for small DD, but the nerves are so bad, I'm just not my normal cheerful self for her and at this time of year I'd really like to be. It's worse than any wait for grades, any wait for decisions around other places/interviews. Especially because I'll have to think about putting her on a list for school places ASAP when we know where we're going. So much to think about!

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ShalomJackie Tue 18-Dec-18 11:04:20

Hiya. What are you hoping to study, where and how old is your Dd? The wait must be agonising. Try not to think about it too much and good luck. Cambridge likes a mature student!

I live in Cambridge so if you need any info!

ClaraMatilda Tue 18-Dec-18 11:43:07

Just wanted to post to wish you good luck! I did my undergraduate degree elsewhere as a mature student and am now in Cambridge for postgrad. I think I was planning for my interview this time last year. Waiting over the holiday must be so stressful. What I found helped a bit was looking at the websites of the other universities I'd applied to and finding the things I really liked about them or their locations. Obviously I'd have been disappointed if Cambridge turned me down, but it eased the stress a little bit knowing that I'd still have somewhere nice to go.

Kismetjayn Tue 18-Dec-18 12:36:08

English at Lucy Cavendish with 3 year old DD in tow! Though she will be 4 when I start. And local knowledge would be very handy if it's a yes smile

@ClaraMatilda thank you- well done on getting to where you are today!
If I don't get in I will still be waiting on Durham, but have a place at York which is 3rd choice so definitely going somewhere- trouble is sorting out DD because her DF will obviously still have his life & job here in the s.e but will need contact with her, so going to Cambridge isn't a big problem as only an hour's drive, but further North could get logistically tricky.

Less than a month to go now :')

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Lililili Tue 18-Dec-18 16:21:41

Good luck. 14th will be here soon! Luckily, already having the grades, when you get a decision you can be certain of it.


ShalomJackie Tue 18-Dec-18 16:25:10

Yes do PM if you need to! Fingers crossed for you

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