Disagreement between tutor and ds

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restfultartan Thu 22-Nov-18 23:08:24

Hi all,

My ds is a fresher at university. He's lucky that he gets a grant to spend on academic related items. The university sets what is acceptable be bought with this grant, and then the personal tutor signs it off.

He emailed to check with the university if the item he needs would be covered and they said yes. So he emailed his personal tutor, who has flat out refused to sign off the claim form, saying it isn't necessary.

What should he do now? Tutor has made it very clear of her opinion but is new to the job, and maybe trying to pull her weight?

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EduCated Thu 22-Nov-18 23:28:59

Who did he email who said yes? Can he go back and ask them for advice on how to proceed?

Why does the tutor think it unnecessary?

MartaHallard Thu 22-Nov-18 23:36:26

What should he do now?

Well, he could have a conversation with the tutor in which he gives the reasons why he thinks it is necessary, and asks her why she doesn't think it's necessary, and listens to what she has to say.

SassitudeandSparkle Thu 22-Nov-18 23:40:39

Is the item directly relevant to his course, or could it be used for other purposes? Is it possible that although the purchase may be permitted under the University's rules that item is not specifically needed for his course? Are the tutor's opinions valid, if not go back to the department that gave him the grant.

BubblesBuddy Fri 23-Nov-18 11:37:31

Give the tutor a copy of the email where the item was agreed in principle. Seems a bit of a storm in a teacup. Maybe it’s because he didn’t agree it with her first?

EduCated Fri 23-Nov-18 15:31:31

It probably depends what the item is as well - I mean a guitar might be an allowable item, and would make sense for a music student, but a chemistry tutor would be questioning why it was needed!

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