difficulty getting car insurance for student who's doing 3rd year abroad..

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ssd Wed 14-Nov-18 19:58:32

ds is abroad for 3rd year, he went in August, he'll be home for xmas then goes back and is home finally in June

we need to insure the car, from next week, we only have one car and ds uses it when he's at home but the quotes we've had all say that ds has to live in this country for 6 months or he cant be insured??

by the time he's home in june he wont be here for 6 months over all, the insurance will run nov 18 to nov 19

can anyone help??

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Mykingdomforanickname Sat 17-Nov-18 18:10:58

Assuming this is a standard third year abroad as part of a UK university course, my first thought would be to phone up the insurance company and explain the situation. This issue must have cropped up before and it may be that the insurance company would regard a UK student who is abroad on a temporary fixed term placement as part of a UK university degree as still "living in the UK" for insurance purposes. If the person you speak to says your DS would be regarded as living in the UK, make a note of the conversation, including what was said, who you spoke to and the date and time of the conversation.

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