Accounting and finance as a mature student

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bailey999 Wed 24-Oct-18 13:18:09

Hi everyone, I want to go to uni 2019 by which time I will be 39. I am interested in doing accounting and finance or accounting and business management, however due to the nature of the subject I am concerned everyone else will be late teens or early twenties.

The other course I am considering is radiotherapy and oncology, however student satisfaction for it is only 51% at the uni I would attend, which seems incredibly low.

Anyone have any advice?

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BubblesBuddy Wed 24-Oct-18 16:37:56

I am very surprised you don’t know which course to take. Usually adults really know they want a healthcare career. It seems odd to me that you are also looking at Finance or Healthcare.

Most students at university will be younger then you, but not all. You won’t know beforehand. I do think you need to be confident to talk to all ages though because no course will be people of your age. I don’t think I would choose a course (or not) based on student satisfaction. Some students need a lot of handholding and score student satisfaction lowly when they don’t get it. University always requires self study and maturity to engage with this style of learning.

I would look very carefully into what you want at the end of the degree. What career is your goal? Which course has the best employment prospects and earnings for you at your age? It’s more important than student satisfaction. Also is your chosen university the best one for the courses? Could you travel somewhere better? Will these courses make a difference to earnings? Do you need an undergrad degree for business management? Could you do a professional qualification due to work experience?

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