Changing course for the 3rd time

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britoccumhori Sun 21-Oct-18 16:33:44

He has a huge issue of "the grass is always greener". He started at a university and disliked it so dropped out. He now goes somewhere that's better and he's really enjoying himself!

He disliked first course, and chose the course he is doing now and likes it.

He began off studying English. He now studies History, but is having second thoughts and wants to swap to History and English. His academic tutor said this would probably be ok.

He's enjoying his course, but feels something is missing.

I feel to advise him that he should just stick with what he's got if it is working. Why change things that aren't broken.

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errorofjudgement Sun 21-Oct-18 20:28:43

A friend of DS did very similar. As he effectively did his first year 3 times he had to self fund his final year as undergrad funding is only available for 4 years.
But he did end up in a uni he loved studying a course he enjoyed.

CaribooSasquatch Mon 22-Oct-18 05:01:50

My ds has done similar but the difference is that we're not in the UK and ds is going to a university where he doesn't have to decide on his major right away. He's in his second year now but switched from a biochem degree, via geography, to anthropology during his first year. He's still not decided yet whether he's going to minor in history... grin

I'm hoping he doesn't regret all the switches once he graduates. He's unsure about what he wants to do after university and is purely following his interests, despite excelling in (imho, sorry!) subjects with far better employment prospects.

We're very lucky that he's not paying tuition fees for this degree and the university didn't tie his scholarship to the first course he enrolled on or the second.

I guess ds can always pay for a degree, like everyone else, if he's not happy with his prospects at the end of this one...but obviously not an ideal scenario.

Will your ds have to redo the first year again if he switched to joint history and English, or can he catch up?

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