Cardiff or Sussex Uni

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dancingdirty Thu 18-Oct-18 19:05:30

Hi all.
DD I think has got these two as the top of her list now.
Has anyone any experience of either that they can pass on?
Cardiff is rated higher for her subject but I think she prefers bring close to brighton.

Thanks in advance

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buggerthebotox Thu 18-Oct-18 19:10:34

Cardiff is nice. It's an easy city to live in. Maybe even a bit dull....

Brighton on the other hand....edgy, interesting, eclectic, mad. Probably expensive.

I think I know which one I'd go for.

dancingdirty Thu 18-Oct-18 21:41:54

Yeah I thinks that's where she is at too.
I am concerned about rental costs after the first year in halls. Anyone have kids in Brighton any ideas in costs?

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GRW Fri 19-Oct-18 17:11:01

My DD is in her third year at Sussex living in a shared house with 3 others. She did a foundation year as she didn't get good enough grades to go straight onto her degree course. She has loved living in Brighton and has made some very good friends. She works 12 hours a week in a supermarket. The buses are good and run late into the evening. Rental costs are about £120 a week plus bills, but with her job she has managed to live on her living expenses loan.

dancingdirty Fri 19-Oct-18 18:01:37

Thanks HER does she get the full maintainace loan? DD won't so hence me worrying about costs

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dancingdirty Fri 19-Oct-18 18:02:03

Sorry GWR blooming auto correct

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Hellywelly10 Fri 19-Oct-18 18:05:26

I had a great time at sussex 100 years ago. I bet the rent is much cheaper in cardiff.


confusedandemployed Fri 19-Oct-18 18:06:32

I had an absolute blast in Cardiff back in the late mediaeval period.

VioletCharlotte Fri 19-Oct-18 18:08:52

I went to Cardiff back in the 90s, so I'd imagine it's changed a fair bit! Certainly not dull!

AppleBlossomTimeNow Fri 19-Oct-18 18:16:23

Wasn't it Sussex Uni freshers fair that had the stall to support students considering sex work to supplement their loans? Not sure I'd fancy my DD going there.

TheDrsDocMartens Fri 19-Oct-18 18:24:03

Dd1 is at Cardiff and loving it. Went from a small town so it’s big and busy to her.

BubblesBuddy Fri 19-Oct-18 18:26:33

Why would you rate a university based on freshers’ week? If your DC are not interested in sex work then they don’t need the advice do they?

AppleBlossomTimeNow Fri 19-Oct-18 18:40:57

Bubbles I think it says something about the institution's ethos & culture, and it would bother me. Students are often young, away from home for the first time & skint. It normalises a choice they might regret. A good uni has a duty of care for its students that it should take seriously.

Tiredmum100 Fri 19-Oct-18 18:43:09

I'm from and went to uni in Cardiff. Certainly wouldn't say it's boring. What's she planning on studying?

dancingdirty Fri 19-Oct-18 18:44:46

Thanks all

We are going to spend the weekend in Cardiff next weekend so she can have a good look around.
Cardiff has the added bonus I know people there and am often there for work but it's got to be where she will be happy!

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dancingdirty Fri 19-Oct-18 18:51:39

Psychology. Cardiff is better rated I think for that

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BrieAndChilli Fri 19-Oct-18 18:54:53

I went to cardiff.
Love it as a city, not too big but big (and important) enough to get good concerts/sports matches, lots of shopping with big shops and little arcades. Not far from the beach/Brecon Beacons/Bristol

ElizabethBennetismybestfriend Fri 19-Oct-18 19:45:58

We are also going to Cardiff for Psychology. Dd thinks it will probably be her first choice, it is between Cardiff and Liverpool.

dancingdirty Fri 19-Oct-18 20:43:12

Are you going in Saturday to the open day

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ElizabethBennetismybestfriend Fri 19-Oct-18 20:47:22

Yes. We are going to spend the weekend there as we are in North Yorkshire so it is a long drive.

MarchingFrogs Fri 19-Oct-18 22:14:01

Wasn't it Sussex Uni freshers fair that had the stall to support students considering sex work to supplement their loans? Not sure I'd fancy my DD going there.


A university has insisted it is not promoting prostitution after a sex workers' support group was given a stall at its freshers' fair.

The Sex Workers' Outreach Project (Swop) was included in the event for new students at the University of Brighton last week.

Feminist campaigner Julie Bindel called the decision "beyond disgraceful".

But student union president Tomi Ibukun said it was there to provide support rather than to advocate sex work.

To paraphrase a previous poster, if it doesn't interest you, you can just ignore it. But one would be very naive to think that the sex trade isn't alive and well in proximity to any university and there will be students - female and male - who will become involved on the supply side.

dancingdirty Fri 19-Oct-18 22:28:55

Thanks for sharing that. University of Brighton is a separate uni but I agree it's disgraceful

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dancingdirty Fri 19-Oct-18 22:30:09

@Elizabeth have a great wknd. We will be there all wknd too. Maybe the same talks!

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BackforGood Sat 20-Oct-18 00:13:50

I found the open day at Cardiff to be really, really poor when I went with dd, and several of her peers said the same.
Shame, because it is a great City to be a student in. (Maybe they were resting on their laurels a bit?)
Despite it being a capital city, it is really small and you can walk to most places. The university buildings are spread out across the City though - your accommodation can be a 30 - 40min walk away, unlike a campus one, but there are loads of students in the City (it has a big training hospital as well as the Universities) so is a great place to be a student.
Psychology has a good reputation there too. Good transport links too - makes for cheaper travel, etc.

Sorry, don't know anything about Sussex.

BubblesBuddy Sat 20-Oct-18 00:14:54

It’s not disgraceful! Not all students have the same thoughts as MN parents and their DC about what they wish to do to earn money. I don’t like students doing this but if they need safety advice then it should be given. It clearly is a duty of care.

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