Welbeck Defence sixth form college

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overmydeadbody Wed 17-Oct-18 14:11:21

Does anyone have any experience of this and how hard it is to get a sponsored place there?

DS would like to get on the defence technical undergrad scheme for uni then on to Sandhurst.

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Miljah Fri 19-Oct-18 23:29:21

You should get lots of responses, I hope. I have 2 friend who have has DC there.

I gather they have a 20% drop out rate, I suppose you really need to want to be there. One's DS has just started, and it's 'OK'; the other's DD has left to go to an approved uni and loves it.

CherryPavlova Sat 20-Oct-18 00:00:10

We were advised by a senior naval officer not to send our son because of serious child safeguarding concerns and a bullying culture.
All those in my sons intake who went through Welbeck described appalling bulllying.
My goddaughters brother is there at the moment and had witnessed horrendous bullying from older students. His mother complained and he was allowed to choose who he shared a room with, to placate her a bit. She considered withdrawing him but he wanted to stay as he hadn’t personally suffered.

Broken11Girl Sat 20-Oct-18 00:02:34

Agree with CherryPavlova

ChilliHobnobs Sat 03-Nov-18 20:03:48

Also agree with Cherrypavlova

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