Cardiff or NTU, Which would you choose?

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AuroraN Sat 29-Sep-18 11:36:43

Did your dc get in to Cardiff through clearing in 2018?

More to the point, DS is trying to decided to put whether to put Cardiff or Nottingham Trent down as one of his choices.

NTU asks for BBB for CS whilst Cardiff asks for ABB-BBB. He had decided to NTU initially by now wondering if he should just risk it and put Cardiff. He is predicted BBB.

What would you do?

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eatyourveg Sat 29-Sep-18 14:07:11

Cardiff definitely

feejee Sat 29-Sep-18 14:14:11

Cardiff is a great uni and place to live.

AuroraN Sat 29-Sep-18 14:55:37

I visited Cardiff yonks ago when I was still a student! I remember everything looked really ancient blush but that was in the early 90s.

Would you apply bearing in mind the entrance requirement and predicted grades and why would it be better than NTU?

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BubblesBuddy Sat 29-Sep-18 16:42:50

Because it’s a Russell Group university. Nottingham Trent isn’t. Nottingham University is also Russell Group. Cardiff is slightly more prestigious than NT but not necessarily for the course he wants. Depending on the course, (what is it?) both might be flexible on grades. He can put Cardiff down as aspirational and Nottingham Trent as more likely. Cardiff might reduce their offer to BBB anyway. However, if he greatly prefers Nottingham as a city, put Nottingham. What are employment rates?

Hedgehogblues Sat 29-Sep-18 16:47:48

Cardiff is a really lovely city. smallish and friendly but also really cosmopolitan. Good shopping, good food, lots of green space and rivers, lots of social stuff.

Ihatesoddingcancer Sun 30-Sep-18 22:20:01

I went to NTU, the employment stats were always very good ( stopped paying attention a couple of years ago).

I have done well professionally, as have course mates. I loved living in nottingham, fabulous city to be a student in.


ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 30-Sep-18 22:25:04

Trent has a very good reputation. It’s ranking in The Times has risen to about 37. Nottingham is a great city and Trent is very central.

Laniakea Sun 30-Sep-18 22:27:33

Cardiff is higher rated than NTU & the difference is greater for CS than overall.

Berthatydfil Sun 30-Sep-18 22:29:24

My dd has an offer from Cardiff - didn’t take it as preferred another uni, but we were told they have the “cardiff offer” and they drop at least one grade if you firm them, it was also implied they might be more flexible nearer results day.
However I don’t know if they apply that to all courses.

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