Part time tuition fee loans for second degree

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DieAntword Fri 28-Sep-18 09:52:08

I was just wistfully exploring the OU website - I’m a SAHM - feeling sad at how expensive it was. I’d like to do maths and stats. Then I discovered that approved stem courses allow you to get part time tuition fee loans for second degrees.

This information had totally passed me by. Never saw it announced anywhere, but maybe it was. Anyway, I wanted to share because I am SO excited. This is possible for me now!

I don’t want anyone else to miss out for lack of knowing so here’s the list of approved courses:

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Norugratsatall Mon 01-Oct-18 21:37:04

Thanks for this op! I didn't know this either. Useful info.

RhubarbTea Fri 05-Oct-18 18:52:20

I found this out a few months ago and was thrilled! Unfortunately at the moment the tuition fee loan would mess up my housing benefit entitlement, but when I am in a better position to do it (i.e not working myself into the ground starting my own business yet reliant on benefits) I want to give this a go. Maybe Psychology. I really miss the OU. Although sad that they don't always give out textbooks for courses anymore, it's all online. I loved it when my course books used to arrive!

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