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Kezzie200 Sun 16-Sep-18 15:24:28

My son and his girlfriend live together, miles away from their own families. She is 20 and wants to to to university next year. He earns £20000 and currently she earns £15000 and by the time she starts they will have been in this arrangement for over two years, but not three. She is estranged from one parent but not the other but neither are interested at all in her welfare, certainly not in supporting her and are likely to refuse to complete paperwork too.

She feels she will need to give up work for university, at least in term time. I think she will be shafted on the maintenence loan until they have been formally together for three years and the best advice would be to wait another year before going. However she wanted to get going on a career now she has decided what she wants to do and they are quite settled.

Am i right in thinking she will be in a difficult situation until the third anniversary of them living together?

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