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Starisnotanumber Thu 06-Sep-18 11:04:15

Just a quick reminder for those taking students to uni.
Photo their room before they personalise it. Photo walls carpet beds mattresses etc.Then send it by e mail so it's dated.
If you've not rented before then you may not realise that when tenancy is over landlords look for signs of damage to avoid giving back your deposit. Dated photos prove how things were when they moved in.
Also photo any shared facilities such as kitchen and bathroom for the same reason.

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BackforGood Thu 06-Sep-18 23:42:19

I think this applies more once you move into shared houses with rogue landlords, in second year, but is a good tip. Thank you.

Hoozz Fri 07-Sep-18 16:02:14

Yes as BackforGood says it's more relevant to second years who are moving into private lets.
Also worth mentioning that the landlord will keep some or all of the deposit if damage is done. One of DS's house mates had stuck posters up on the walls and damaged the paintwork. LL charged for redecoration.
Most unis don't charge a deposit for halls but there can be a fine at the end if the room and kitchen are left filthy.

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