Medicine 2018 Part 4

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booface Sun 02-Sep-18 21:02:12

Welcome to the new thread! Can't believe we are on the 4th already

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specialted Sun 02-Sep-18 21:47:42

Found you!

Katisha Sun 02-Sep-18 22:30:14

Checking in!

mumsneedwine Sun 02-Sep-18 23:34:28

Hello. Not long to go now until they are off

booface Mon 03-Sep-18 07:45:07

I know! This time next week we will have already dropped DS off at Edinburgh and he will no doubt be in full on freshers week! They seem to be keeping them busy with activities, including a jog around the sights of Edinburgh at 10:00 am on Thursday ... by then I suspect the students will be so hungover that the faculty will be able to keep up!

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muddlethro Mon 03-Sep-18 07:49:18

Hi all....for those mums who are sending their DC off to become first year medics, when do their terms start and have they been given a timetable yet...?

adrinkofwater Mon 03-Sep-18 08:12:22

Well, my DD has gone off interrailing today with some friends! She's back next week and then home for just a week before we take her up to Cardiff on Wednesday 19th. Term starts on Monday 24th.

Online enrollment hadn't become available when she left, so I'm on email checking duty and may have to do the enrollmenthmm. No timetable or details of anything yet other than accommodation.


specialted Mon 03-Sep-18 08:31:52

DD hasn't really heard anything yet apart from which hall she'll be in. I'm guessing start date from when we have to pay accommodation from but that's it. I think they get an email this week with login details etc so hopefully we'll know more soon!

innertiger Mon 03-Sep-18 10:30:18

DS starts on the 29th but we've heard nothing yet. Don't even know which accommodation he has.

mumsneedwine Mon 03-Sep-18 12:45:20

Nottingham sent registration details at midnight UK time - as we are in America my DD will have looked super keen as did it straight away as was 7pm here 😁. Accommodation up now and that's just been paid. And she says first week timetable is on line somewhere. And more importantly medic ball paid for. In fact she did that first ! Priorities. Think she's desperate to start but not til 24th and a week later than all her friends so she's a bit jealous they are going so soon. Think she's ready to leave us

specialted Mon 03-Sep-18 13:19:21

Mumsneedwine,Had to laugh about ball tickets, That's exactly what DDs priority was too! Have you found out room number? If so where was it?

mumsneedwine Mon 03-Sep-18 13:22:26

She hasn't mentioned a room number yet. I nearly fell over when she told me how much it was this term though. Apparently they get given a half hour window to move in so we will need to be quick as no lifts.

Katisha Mon 03-Sep-18 13:38:35

Half an hour window to move in to Nottingham hall? Eek. Where does it say this?

mumsneedwine Mon 03-Sep-18 13:44:38

I have no idea but that's what DD told me. It's to do with lack of parking apparently. Hopefully they'll get more details nearer the time.

sugarapplelane Mon 03-Sep-18 13:50:45


Movingmountains Mon 03-Sep-18 19:22:19

DS starts on 17th - full timetable for the first week. He is already on Facebook group with his flat mates and they’ve already booked tickets for club on the first night. I’m dreading him going now as he has always been my shadow! Not sure how I’m going to cope - it will certainly be weird

specialted Mon 03-Sep-18 19:32:56

Movingmountains and arctic monkeys on 18th????

Movingmountains Mon 03-Sep-18 20:24:39

Yes his second night! He’s already worked out his route. Now working out how we are going to fit everything in the car 😂

muddlethro Mon 03-Sep-18 22:33:29

Movingmountains....we’re sending our two ahead of us on the train so that we can fit all their stuff in our car!! They’re travelling together first class, so you can see who is getting the better deal! 😂

muddlethro Mon 03-Sep-18 22:48:22

booface (and any other mums whose DC’s are Scotland-bound), my DS has just discovered the maintenance loan isn’t paid until the 18th September, seems a tad late to me, especially when they’re expected to start studies on the that what your DCs are expecting too...? Don’t think it was an issue last year when he was in halls, but he’s already had to raid his savings for rent and is concerned he’s going to run short of money! Still, all good life-lessons - guess we all need to learn to budget!

mumsneedwine Mon 03-Sep-18 23:01:30

I knew I'd keep my Zafira for a reason 😁😂

booface Tue 04-Sep-18 08:09:57

Hi Muddlethro, ah we hadn't clocked onto that yet regarding the maintenance not coming through til 18th. I'll talk to my DS, but I might have to break out the credit card for those first couple of weeks! I'll let you know if his is any different though in terms of payment date.

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muddlethro Tue 04-Sep-18 08:37:52

Thanks booface....😊

Perfect car for the job mumsneedwine..... 😜...we have a little Polo....! 😬

swingofthings Tue 04-Sep-18 08:43:38

Lovely to see the thread still going. What a brilliant support group we have been!

DD starts Manchester on 17th. She too has made contact with 4 of her 8 flatmates. One other medicine student, 2 others biomed. So far all girls. They've chatted a lot and seem to have quite in common. They've agreed to wait until all together to go shopping together.

Currently on an amazing holiday together last chance for a mum-daughter special time. I'll be taking her and leaving her there Wed next week.

Good luck to all our starting students. Hope we keep the thread going to find out how they are all doing with their studies and life as future medics. It's a medicine thread but it's really medical sciences!

proudwhatever Tue 04-Sep-18 16:36:49

Enjoying everyone’s excitement for uni: DS tenancy is 40 weeks but has three terms of ten weeks! Looks as if he is paying all through the Christmas and Easter break is this the same everywhere? Must add nail clippers to list!

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