Things you won’t miss when dc leave for university (lighthearted)

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bevelino Sat 01-Sep-18 20:10:58

I have 1 dd who is about to enter second year and 2 dds starting shortly. I won’t miss:

Empty fridge after doing a full shop the day before
Untidy bedrooms
Using my toiletries and make up
Uber cab fares
Deliveroo at my expense
Dh saying to dds you can’t go out in that

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TheThirdOfHerName Sat 01-Sep-18 20:42:43

Eldest about to start his first year.

I will not miss:
- Phone chargers disappearing all the time.
- The very LOUD opening and closing of his bedroom door when he gets in after a night out.
- Piles of his stuff (often including important documents) left lying around in communal rooms.
- The bickering between him and the youngest.
- Food that was intended for the next meal disappearing from the fridge.
- Loud music accompanying every activity (cooking, showering etc).
- The huge pile of trainers inside the front door every time his friends are over.

bevelino Sun 02-Sep-18 19:38:30

@TheThirdOfHerName are we the only parents who will not miss aspects of our dc when they head off to

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TheThirdOfHerName Sun 02-Sep-18 19:56:20

Perhaps everyone else's young adult sons and daughters are perfect in every way, with no irritating habits. grin

Ta1kinpeace Sun 02-Sep-18 20:10:05

Things I am looking forward to .....
- reduced loo roll bills
- reduced water bills
- being able to have non ketchup meals
- less smell of lynx

what is the opposite of "empty nest" grin

WeeMcBeastie Sun 09-Sep-18 13:45:52

Eldest left for her secong year last week and youngest starts next Saturday.
I won’t miss;
Endless episodes of South Park and RuPaul’s Drag race on the main TV.
Losing my hair dryer, straighteners etc and finding them in their rooms.
Messy bedrooms and bathroom
Having to use excess recycling bags for the empty cans of Strongbow.
Washing up not being done

I’ll probsbly be a crying mess next Saturday but only a few weeks until they’re back home for reading week. smile

Hoozz Sun 09-Sep-18 14:51:42

My youngest has just gone off to his third year so I've had a few years of them coming and going.
I don't miss;
The shoe mountain inside the back door.
Soggy bath mats.
Razors and shaving stuff all over the bathroom.
The bomb site after they have cooked dinner.
Loose change left everywhere. We could open a slot machine arcade with the small coin collection.


Mamia15 Sun 09-Sep-18 19:00:41

Finding that the small family car needs refuelling yet again.

The number of delivery parcels.

Booze going missing.

The mess.

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