Apprenticeship after 2 years of degree?

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thegreenhen Tue 28-Aug-18 19:18:06

Can my son do an apprenticeship having been to uni for two years and then dropping out after failing resits and he doesn't want to repeat a year.

He's 20.

Will he have to fund part of it himself?

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CaseStudyResearch Tue 28-Aug-18 19:27:00

It really depends on the company and role - as well as the rules of the service provider.

For example, I worked at a firm with trainee accountants which would take people on as apprentices between 18-25 as long as they hadn’t graduated with a Bachelors degree. Same with most of the big supermarket chains.

My current firm is an engineering firm and takes on hundreds of apprentices. Our rules are more focused on the colleges/universities/service providers - again, some will take those with some uni experience and some won’t.

Does he know what he wants to do?

thegreenhen Tue 28-Aug-18 19:30:55

He's been doing a maths degree, but would really love to do something with IT.

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titchy Tue 28-Aug-18 20:42:22

Funding wise he's fine. And computing is a big area with lots of degree apprenticeships. So yes possible technically. Persuading an employer to take him on the other hand....

thegreenhen Tue 28-Aug-18 22:30:07

I know it doesn't look good on a cv. But if he's failed the second year, he's simply had enough. He passed the first year easily but despite getting A*'s at A level and loving his subject then, he has just felt lost with it at uni.

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LIZS Wed 29-Aug-18 07:28:42

Perfectly possible. A friends dc dropped out of degree after first year, took a year out then started an apprenticeship with one of the big 4 accountancy firms.

Blushah Wed 29-Aug-18 21:28:18

Where are all these degree apprenticeships in IT?? Would've loved DS to do this (as he would!) but the slightest bit of investigation revealed 'level 4', not 6 (degree). The couple I know of are intensely competitive- and, of course, it's hard work, say 4 days work, one day uni, weekends doing homework!


celtiethree Wed 29-Aug-18 21:33:03

Some of the investment banks offer degree apprenticeships in IT. JPM, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley amongst others.

titchy Wed 29-Aug-18 22:16:20

Search here:

jayritchie Wed 29-Aug-18 22:32:37

No problem with funding - are you based somewhere with plenty of openings?

thegreenhen Thu 30-Aug-18 21:09:52

We are quite rural but there are a few apprenticeships that are commutable (Ds can drive, which helps).

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thegreenhen Tue 04-Sep-18 08:47:53

Thanks for the replies.

He's now thinking he'd like to defer the final year of the degree (or two depending on results) and try his hand at an apprenticeship in the meantime.

Can he do this? Just wondering if this is allowed funding wise?

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