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KeyboardplayerXXX Sun 19-Aug-18 14:32:14

Does anyone have any recent or current experience of DC studying for a degree in Liberal Arts please? I found some threads but they are a few years old.

My DD is about to go into year 13, and is interested in Liberal Arts at Birmingham. We visited in June and she loved it there. The entry requirements are high A*AA. We're looking at Kent and Kings in the Autumn.

Her major reason for considering this degree is so she can study wide range of subjects and do a year abroad.

Any insight or advice on how others have found studying Liberal Arts would be gratefully received !

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NiceCardigan Thu 23-Aug-18 21:03:49

No recent or current personal experience but DS’s girlfriend is studying liberal arts at Durham. I think it’s quite a tough course as you have to balance the different subjects, I know she studied history, philosophy and English lit (but there may be more!) DS studied English lit and spent the first year with lots of compulsory modules to get a grounding in what was expected whereas his girlfriend had to get to the same standard but with a proportion of the teaching.

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