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IVEgotthePOWER Wed 15-Aug-18 06:54:39

I am all signed up now to start studying with the OU in October. I have studied with them before although several years ago.

Is anyone else currently studying or signed up to start?

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YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Wed 15-Aug-18 07:22:09

I am doing an open degree, have 60 credits done, about to finish another 60 and start year 2 in October

Bineverywhere Wed 15-Aug-18 07:23:18

I signed up on Saturday but still waiting for all the confirmation stuff. Tbh I think I'm going to postpone until February.

IVEgotthePOWER Wed 15-Aug-18 07:27:23

Well done youcantbe which courses have you done?

Bineverywhere my courses only have october start dates! What course did you sign up for?

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Fakeflowersandlemonade Fri 24-Aug-18 22:16:20

Iv signed up to start Oct too Op.

Taransay Sun 26-Aug-18 16:33:15

Im starting in October too.

WooYa Sun 26-Aug-18 16:43:21

I'm starting my module in October but on my '3rd year.
Most modules have Oct or Feb start dates.


Lostmyemailaddress Sun 26-Aug-18 16:45:01

I've got an October start all sorted but now I'm getting very nervous blush

Bineverywhere Sun 26-Aug-18 20:40:38

Like the crack of a whip I snap attack. grin

BSc health science.

I decided to start in October after all because who doesn't need a little extra chaist?

Bineverywhere Sun 26-Aug-18 20:41:16

Chaos. I don't know what chaist is!

Fakeflowersandlemonade Mon 27-Aug-18 08:56:31

I thrive on chaos. Can't wait to start now.

Taransay Tue 28-Aug-18 19:41:34

What course is everyone doing?
Im doing criminolgy and pyschology.

WooYa Tue 28-Aug-18 21:06:49

Psychology and Law grin

Lostmyemailaddress Tue 28-Aug-18 21:14:14

Environmental studies

Whyhellodaffodil Tue 28-Aug-18 21:18:31

I’m starting my second module in October - ready now I think after the summer break which I really needed!! I’m doing geography and environmental science, it’s the science module next and I’m a bit scared of all the maths!

katmarie Tue 28-Aug-18 21:23:08

I'm starting my 4th module of 6 in October, I'm working towards a degree in social psychology. It's hard sometimes but I've found it very rewarding and empowering.

WooYa Tue 28-Aug-18 21:33:39

Good luck Whyhellodaffodil! maths scares me too! confusedgrin

Bineverywhere Tue 28-Aug-18 21:43:57

I love maths. No room for interpretation.

TommyandGina Tue 28-Aug-18 21:45:56

Module 5 of 6 of a psychology with counselling degree. DD310 - Mad or Bad.

Welcome to the madhouse!

Whyhellodaffodil Tue 28-Aug-18 21:59:41

Thanks wooya ! Bin I’m definitely more of a words person but trying hard to move past the ‘I can’t do maths’ block that I’ve had in my head since I left school, working my way through some of the learn maths resources before the module starts which is helping a bit smile

Ooh tommy you’re so close - level 3!

NatureGal Fri 31-Aug-18 21:36:34

October start, DD103. Working towards International Studies degree. My second Level one module and I can't wait, missed studying. My books came today, yay!

BareBelliedSneetch Fri 31-Aug-18 21:40:46

@Whyhellodaffodil I finished Env Sci this time last year! Good luck grin

isthistoonosy Sat 01-Sep-18 07:03:45

I'm doing my second level 1 science module.

InterstellarSleepingElla Sat 01-Sep-18 07:30:55

I'm doing my second year of Natural Sciences (physics). Doing 2 30 credit modules - Essential maths 1 (MST124) and Physics and Space (SM123).

Really looking forward to getting back to it as I had to take last year out.

AllStar14 Sat 01-Sep-18 07:35:08

I start in October too. English language and literature 😁

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